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Hey everyone, I started writing for fun. I enjoy isekai stories, but had noticed a few things I liked in the stories that I rarely saw, and others that nobody ever did but I wanted to see, so I decided to write a story with those things in it myself.
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Basic tier.

The lowest tier.

2 advanced chapters for anyone subscribing at this tier. Why is there no $1 tier? Well, SubscribeStar takes a certain level of fixed overhead that makes it so a $1 tier makes no sense. So, 2 chapters, 2 dollars is the basic level.

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2nd tier.

3 advanced chapters.

(why 2.99? Well, 4.99 is the default asking amount for new accounts, I just changed the 4 to a 2 without thinking much, and now that there are subscribers who are signed up to this level I don't like the idea of changing the price.)

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Just chipping in extra.

This is the current highest tier. At this level, you will have access to my buffer chapters, which will be posted as soon as I finish them.

I am under no obligation to maintain buffer chapters, and by definition there will be times they run to zero. However, there is also no upper cap to how large the number can grow. (Although I am more likely to create extra tiers if the number grows large enough.)

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