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inTOXICating Masculinity
inTOXICating Masculinity
I'm trying to make a channel that is all about things I love and I think most men love. Obviously, we’re all different and women can like these things too, but we’re in a time when masculinity is despised, so I’m going to glorify it. I LOVE my family, theology, music, sports, politics, comedy, guns, martial arts, and more. Political/religious allies are few if you believe the Bible is true and Christians should adhere to it and we shouldn’t legally require unbelievers to adhere to it. Makes me fairly unpopular with both traditional liberals and conservatives. I am a worship leader, a handyman (specializing in plumbing), a basketball & football coach, and a former Correctional Officer. I am a married father of three children. I hope you enjoy the channel. -Jeremy
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