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Producing Videos That Question Our Reality - The Great Awakening Vs The Great Reset - Blow Up The Narrative - Search For Truth In A World Based On Lies
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I sincerely appreciate all the support and hope to continue improving my capabilities, spreading truth, and releasing high-quality content. With these donations, the goals of purchasing new equipment, maintaining editing software subscriptions, and having the ability to pursue more ambitious projects, such as full-length documentaries, is much easier to accomplish.

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  • You will be directly assisting in the creation of all content and keeping the process moving forward. As I am just starting out, there are improvements to be made and plans to carry out. In the future, together, we can start a live show and begin producing full-length documentaries. I sincerely appreciate all the support and hope to continue improving my capabilities, spreading truth, and releasing high-quality content.

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So, are we, in fact, in world war three right now? https://youtu.be/k_LvBUz46HQ
 It's an interesting question, and you may end up believing that to be the case, especially once you read these stories. It appears that there is some proof pointing to the fact that we are in the beginning stages of this world war… 

According to a few experts, they believe this war will take at the very least one decade, and within the framework of China's plan, the timeline is laid out as followed. China plans on winning this war by 2049 at any cost. According to famous political scientist Graham Allison, the first phase will complete in 2025, when China makes itself the world's superpower of technology. 

By 2035, China wants to become the world's innovation leader, and by 2049, the Communist nation wants to make itself the most powerful country in the world. This plan for world domination seems to be in line with Agenda 2050 and the World Economic Forum, where they declare that the US will no longer be a superpower. It seems everyone is betting on our collapse and even hoping that we do…
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