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I sincerely appreciate all the support and hope to continue improving my capabilities, spreading truth, and releasing high-quality content. With these donations, the goals of purchasing new equipment, maintaining editing software subscriptions, and having the ability to pursue more ambitious projects, such as full-length documentaries, is much easier to accomplish.

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  • You will be directly assisting in the creation of all content and keeping the process moving forward. As I am just starting out, there are improvements to be made and plans to carry out. In the future, together, we can start a live show and begin producing full-length documentaries. I sincerely appreciate all the support and hope to continue improving my capabilities, spreading truth, and releasing high-quality content.

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New Video: If you are interested in the discussion - give it a watch! https://youtu.be/X5Eyh_SNhhI

In tonight’s video we will discuss the new Facebook “whistleblower” and how this is a set up. This video touches on censorship, the great reset agenda, the digital identity (ID 2020) & manipulation through equating their Orwellian agenda to moral necessities.

This is a psy-op meant to start a new wave of government backed censorship & will include political speech. The establishment is facing too many criticisms and there are too many people calling out their lies. This will take care of that problem, silence dissent, and ensure that more people don’t wake up to the corruption.

The “whistleblower” is also taking the censorship campaign global which coincidentally aligns with The World Economic Forums call for a global coalition for digital safety. Again, everything comes back to The Great Reset.

They are even calling for removing anonymity and tying social media to your digital identity. This will further their goals of a social credit score and tying all of your online activity to financial records & medical requirements. This is the project Bill Gates started with ID2020 – 24/7 surveillance & punishment for dissent.

Part 1: Fake Whistleblower & Push for Global Censorship
Part 2: Watching A Clip - Digital ID Commercial (Ties into the censorship too) skip to 10:55
Part 3: Another Clip - Great Reset Finally Goes Mainstream skip to 15:45
Part 4: Final Clip - The Technocracy - skip to 20:00
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