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Heaven Studios
Same circle, now in a hopefuly better platform!

Subscription Tiers

Heaven Studios profile is under review.

PLEASE, BE AWARE: due to an extremely high volume of recently submitted profiles, the approval will take longer than usual. After this page is approved, you will be able to subscribe as usual. We appreciate your patience and understanding.
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Show your support! Size does matter, and we want to get the most people behind us as we can, if everyone helps with a dollar, and we get 1000 people behind us it makes a huge difference, so even if with a single dollar, show us you want to see more of Fleeting Iris!

• Access to news and sneak peeks about the game.

• Participate in polls that dictate the future of the game.

• Link to our public Discord server where you will be be identified as a Patreon and get access to our CG's (12~13 CG's bimonthly) before everyone else!

All this for one dollar!

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You've seen enough to awaken your interest and you want to start playing the game right away!

• Access to every patch of the game and preview content before it's release!

• HD 1024x768 CG's sent to you with the game! (Currently on hold due to new CG mode/team adaptation but we'll retroactively sent the old ones with the new patches soon).

• Access to all discussions that decide the future of the games and Heaven Studios, polls, surveys, etc.

• All of the above tiers!

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You want to take an even closer look, then maybe you want a character after you in the game to see it even closer!

• Get a Character or a Billboard (which you can use to advertise your game, business or website) in Heaven City, maybe the name of a Museum or a Park, and if your nickname isn't too weird, even a NPC character. Your choice! You can be part of the game!

• Access to longevity reward rafles. Heaven Studio keychains, t-shirts, dakimakuras, figurines and others! (At the end of the game development). (Post game-release).

• Your name in the credits when version 1.0 comes out.

• All of the above tiers!

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Getting to be part of the team that started it all!

• Lifetime access to (given you respect the rules) where you'll be able get access to three forum pages worth of full game translations as well as projects created by our amazing partners and their studios and also thousands of other RPG Maker hentai games!

• All of the above tiers!



  • We're the same team you can find on Patreon. We've decided to switch platforms as fast as we could because of how many supporters Patreon has cost us during our journey.
  • Currently, Patreon just works as a platform for us to get paid and not the way it did at first. We're not advertised by them, our content is being monitored and stifled by them, every time we grow our player base they do something to shoot it back down. We're constantly worrying when they will do something drastic that will end up making it impossible for us to continue and throw years of hard work out the window.
  • We got banned for showing a censored nipple in the main page (apparently, the squares were too sexual), we worked hard and we brought our support back up. Then they changed their policies and the way they taxed patrons so we lost a lot of support, through countless hours of hard work we brought our supporting base back up. Then they changed the way they charged people so a lot of payments failed and a lot of people left because they didn't want to send a statement to their bank to allow the process to go through, never fully recovered from that one but we kept growing. Then they decided incest and other fetishes were no longer good enough for their website, so a lot of people left tired of their constant backpeddaling and we, who didn't even support those fetishes had to see our supporters again leaving in protest. We worked hard, we kept growing and when we were finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel again, they banned a guy with a huge following because of something he said, first ammendment out the window, we lost over one hundred supporters, again. So far we lost thousands of supporters due to Patreon's shady way of operating and constant mess ups. We're tired. We hope SubscribeStar is the platform we need and at the community deserves. Let's give it a shot!
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