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Halsey News is a widely viewed commentary site and free speech platform. Halsey News Network You Tube Channel is a daily streaming channel.
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Basic Subscriber +

You will get the benefits of the previous tier and access to a once a month AMA with Halsey and a new guest.

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You will get all benefits of the previous tiers, plus a free t-shirt of choice from the Merch Store and an invite to come on any of my streams once every 6 months.

0 subscribers
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You will get all the benefits of the previous tier, plus you can get an author account with HalseyNews.com to publish your own commentary (all submitted articles subject to approval).

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You will get all benefits of the previous tiers and a once a week show on Deplorable TV. You can also have access to our guests (subject to their approval) for a discussion.

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  • For being a basic subscriber you will get access to one Subscribestar ONLY stream per week.
The subscription gives you:
  • Full, unlimited access to Star's profile content - to view it online or to download it to future use.
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  • You can cancel this subscription at any time.
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