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Welcome to GradedPointFive!We do video and Livestreams on Youtube!
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With this Tier you get special behind the scenes access in our Graded Discord server!

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At this Tier you not only get the benefits of the previous tier, but you get to contribute to the live show! You get to pick a topic and will get to come on the show to discuss it! Please note that the topic must be relevant to entertainment in comics and geek/nerd stuff.

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  • Subscribers will get access to the discord and many other goodies depending on tier rewards!

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Welcome to the New Revamped GradedPointFive SubscribeStar page!  We do Live streams every week night and videos on our channel !

We talk about Comics and entertainment related to that, and anything considered nerdy/geeky as well.  We also have a website at that we are currently revamping to be a home for creators, in comics, youtube or even blogging, we intend to be a destination for all up and coming creators of all stripes!  

We started this SubscribeStar so our fans could help us better serve them with entertainment, and to also better supply people with the resources needed to succeed in this industry! 

We hope you will consider supporting us as we move into a new chapter of GradedPointFive, as we want to grow and help others grow in kind, Thank you all for any support you can supply! 
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At this goal we can help pay server costs for the website, update equipment to supply a better show, and do more special content for the channel!

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