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I am the Gothi of the Humboldt Skjodr Kindred. I make online content geared towards the Heathen and Asatru communities.
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Peth means Foot soldier. The archtype of the Peth is the basic unit. the "pawn" in chess appears to be acted upon, but in reality it is the backbone. Without the foot soldier there is no vanguard

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Riddari means rider. The Norse called their Knights Riddari, because they rode horses...

The archtype of the Knight is the noble defender. The elite warrior. This is often the young hero; the Luke Skywalker, Sigurth, or Heracles.

This is the archtype of Asa Thorr, the defender.

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Hrokur means Rook. The Rook is the archtype of the trickster. Like the Riddari the Rook can be a defender, but unlike the Riddari they are unconventional in their tactics.

This is the Berserkr, the Ulfhethnar, the Lokean.

Othinn has trickster aspects, but the outlier in this archetype is Loki.

Loki does not always settle for the rules as we know them, he may use a loophole rather than blunt force to get the job done. Like the Native American Coyote, Loki may piss you off in hopes to teach a lesson.

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Biskup means Bishop. The Biskup is the holy man, the senex or crone, the Obi Wan Kenobi, the Gandalf.

In the heroes journey there is always a wise teacher, the Othinn plunging the sword into your Hall's tree, or Baba Yaga sending you on the quest.

This is the archtype of the Gothi, the teacher.

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Drottning means Queen. What use is a King without support? where would Picard be without Riker?

The Drottning is the archtype of the mother, the caretaker, the 2nd in command.

Think Frigg, with her silence in prediction. In Grimnismal Frigg and Othinn teach two boys in their respective ways. Othinn's boy becomes too violent and lacks compassion. Frigg's boy is too passive, and is a forgotten stable boy.

It is through the balance and support that the Kongur and Drottning will find success

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Kongur means King. Kongur is the highest tier. All tiers are appreciated, but if you can afford the highest tier, I assume you're royalty.

The archtype of the King is one of leadership. This can be the patriarch/matriarch of the family or the Officer leading their troops.

It takes wisdom, and a heavy brow to be the leader. A wise leader leads by example, learning from mistakes and listening to those that they lead is important to the wise leader.

Think Othinn, as the chieftain, or Tyr making a sacrifice just to keep his kin safe.

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When I make my archtype video, I am going to use the chess pieces as examples of undelineated examples. 
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