I dabbled a bit, a little bit, in ice skating when I was 18.  Didn't even really learn the basics then.  I could do simple forward skating, something sort of like a forward crossover, and T-stops.  That was it.  When I was in England (overseas tour in the USAF) I would occasionally go down to London to skate at Queens Ice Club.  Again, that was it.  After returning from England, I never really had an opportunity to skate for many years.

When my daughter expressed an interest in skating, I decided to take her a couple of times and see if she was serious before getting her signed up for actual lessons.  I found out that it wasn't like riding a bike.  As little as I had originally achieved I had lost all of it in the intervening years and was starting again from the very beginning.  And since I didn't bounce like I did when I was 18--falls hurt a lot more, it's easier to get injured, and injuries take longer to heal--it was actually harder to re-learn than it had been to learn in the first place.

So my daughter and I ended up taking lessons together.

I started my Goth on Ice posts over on Youtube ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC19DNNO-2-2A_7_KQ2lrQ6A ) to record my progress and illustrate my difficulties as an older skater partly in hopes that it might be of use to other people who might like to try.

As I write this I am nearing the end of the standard "adult" basic skills progression and preparing to move forward into actual figure skating.  There are competitions available for older skaters which I hope to pursue.

If this sounds like it's something of interest to you, then please subscribe.  I'll be adding special content here not available on the YouTube channel.

Happy skating.