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Hi friends and welcome to my Subscribe Star! I play games and make "funny" videos. Funny if you have a sense of humor like mine. And my sense of humor is awesome so good for you. I upload M, T, Th, F and I stream W and Sat!
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A Bit O' Khaos!

Those who want to show their support, but don't have a lot of money. Every little bit counts!

  • A Bit O' Khaos Discord Roll To Show Off Your Support!
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MOAR Khaos!

Those who want more of the Khaos!

  • Priority Playthrough If you want to see a game, I will make a video of it as soon as possible, putting other playthroughs second for you!
  • KhaosCraft Server You'll be invited to the Java Edition Minecraft Server where you can mine, and craft!
  • MOAR Khaos! Discord Roll To Show Off Your Support!
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Lots O' Khaos!

For those who want to help create the Khaos!

  • Moar Khaos All Previous Reward Tiers!
  • Khaos Creator One stream a month will be Khaos! Were you will get OP rights and together we can create the Khaos!
  • Specialer Thank You You're thank you will be at the beginning of the video!
  • Lots O' Khaos! Discord Roll To Show Off Your Support!
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  • Thank You at the End of Each Video!
  • Early Access To Videos!
  • Subscribe Star Only Content!

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Hey all, I just wanted to say thank you for checking out my Subscribe Star! Even the fact that you are here looking makes me happy! Please feel free to message me if you want to talk, I'll respond as soon as I'm available!

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