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GamerGate Trolls is a parody RPG about the Internet, political correctness and censorship where the deplorables, a group of 8 malcontents, fight against ClownWorld.
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GamerGate Trolls

Here is the Deplorables, 8 malcontents who are going to save the Internet from ClownWorld!

Front Row -

Trolly McPatriarchy - the mastermind of the deplorables, and one of the two playable characters in the game.

Trollette Von BigTits - one of the biggest flirts on the Internet, she’s the second of two playable characters in the game.

Middle Row -

Anonymous - a stealthy hacker who finds ways into places that others would rather her not find a way into.

MAGA Man - a fan of President Trumpy and Wonder Woman, he created a cosplay to show both, to the Internet’s dissatisfaction.

Vivian James - a conjuration of the Fine Young Capitalists and the Chan, Vivian is the Internet made manifest, to take out the trash of Clown World.

Back Row -

Based Stickman - Stalwart defender of the deplorables, he uses Pence lightning to electrocute the gay out of Antifa.

The Fisher Folk - a ordinary fisherman who got tired of PM JT’s incessant use of gender neutral pronouns, like calling him a FisherFolk, instead of fisher man!

Pepe, Son of Kek - the divine frog himself, using chaos from on high to bring Kek’s will into ClownWorld!

Subscription Tiers

per month
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Standard Edition

You will get a key of the game when it comes out.

per month
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Enhanced edition

Not only will I find some way to add things in the game that will make it more fun, I will also create a GG Trolls mug for you!

per month
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Deluxe Edition

Whatever I can think of for the enhanced edition, you’d get double for the deluxe edition. Plus you will get a T-shirt with the Logo on it.

per month
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Ultimate Edition

You get everything you get for all the editions, plus you get a print of the Deplorables, when they are all modelled and ready for the game!



  • With a small monthly donation, $5/m, you will get a key for the game whenever it is created
  • But that’s not all, for higher monthly donations, you will get free stuff in game and merch!
  • And you will get a huge shoutout in the credits in the game, because it will not be possible without your support!

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Thanks for helping out, this ensures we can buy groceries and pay our bills so I can actually make this video game.
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I can start working towards getting a better computer that will optimize my ability to create this video game.
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I can get that computer and think about hiring a freelancer to create my game.
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Thank you so much guys, I can start afford advertising for my game, a website worthy of it, a few people working on it and ensures we can take care of our family.


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