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Psychedelic Art

Exclusive access to my new psychedelic artwork as well as a variety of cool experiments and visuals not released to the public. In layman's terms... This is the cool sheet tier.

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PSYMETRY Game development Tier 1

This tier is to support the development of the PSYMETRY FPS Video game project. Subscribers will receive everything from the Psychedelic Art tier plus game updates and videos.

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PSYMETRY Game development Tier 2

Everything in the previous tiers plus access to the private PSYMETRY Discord server.

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the Goal
This is the goal I need to reach in order to be able to work full-time on the PSYMETRY First Person Shooter video game project and take it to the next level. Making video games is a passion and a childhood dream for me. I'm trying to bring back the glory of old-school FPS action games and create new and original games and movies. I have some serious golden eggs to lay guys and If I ever manage to get some of those designs made properly, they will blow your mind guaranteed! The trick is to figure out how to get them made without selling them out and I have a feeling that for them to be made properly and to be able to retain control of my IPs, I will have to produce them myself and that is only possible with your support. If you have been disappointed by the movie and gaming industries lately, then please join me and help empower me to shake things up. With your help and support, I will be free to take risks, innovate and push creativity to it's limits. I will assemble a great team and strive to produce some of the greatest games and movies in the industry. The more support I get, the more I get to play with and the better the results are going to be for everyone. Streamers! Don't you want some cool shit to play? :) After subscribing to Pewdiepie, please help spread the word about this project! I need 500 supporters at $5/month to reach that goal. It's really not a lot and would enable great things to come into existence! Hey 5000 supporters would generate 25k per month. Imagine what I could get done for the game with that kind of cashflow! I have spent every bit of my free time during the last two years studying game development and working on the PSYMETRY game. Here's a video of what I've been able to achieve so far all by myself with no support whatsoever: With your help, I will be able to hire professionals to make unique and complex weapons, animations, monsters and environments for the game and it will make a big difference. I know some insanely talented people I'd like to bring in. Anyways, I hope you consider me and the project worthy :) With Gratitude, Dan

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