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FoxTale Studio Sports has provided independent podcast coverage of the Brookville (PA) High School Blue Raiders football team since 2014.
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Basic Awesomeness

Thanks very much for the help. Our costs to travel to Brookville and back to cover home games is about $3 (1 gallon) for gas. Your donation just got us through the roundtrip to one of this season's home games. Sure beats walkin'!

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Every $6 donation helps us to make the roundtrip for 2 home games AND saves on the number of new shoes we have to buy. Nike may weep, but my poor feet are HAPPY–thanks!

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$12 per month may not sound like much, but it completely covers our gas expenses to cover 4 home games or gets us down to Punxsy and back. If fuel prices at Sheetz dip, there's even a little left over to buy some supper for the way home.

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Too Much Awesomeness–Mind=BLOWN

If you choose this level of support, you've not only helped us with gas money for the Bradford game (They host this year.) or some of the other FAR away games (Moniteau and Karns City), you've also given us a boost towards paying off some of the gear that we purchased to make all of this possible. On top of that, donations at this level help us to have some funds to set aside for next season. Thanks for investing in our future.

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FoxTale Studio Sports
Friday night's game between the Rovers and the Raiders was chock-full of surprises. You can see some of Brookville's best plays in our highlight reel on YouTube:
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FoxTale Studio Sports
Here's some highlights from last week's season opener in Bradford. This is also our very first attempt to livestream a game.) Right now–8/27/19 @ 6 pm EDT–the full game is also available. If you enjoy our work, please like our video(s), subscribe to our channel and consider making a donation to help keep us in the black. cheers!


  • Brookville High School varsity football has been part of life here for nearly a century. Band members and cheerleaders, as well as players and coaches, have been representing the area for decades and local news media, including our local radio station, have always been supportive. We began podcasting games and putting highlight collections on SoundCloud in 2014, but this year our goal is to take our coverage of Raiders football to the next level: We will televise every game and livestream over the internet so that former players, cheerleaders and band members far from home can see these games as well as folks still living in the area. We'll also be hosting a chat room with the live stream so alumni from anywhere in the world can be part of the conversation.
  • We've set up several 'levels' and put in descriptions of how your donations/subscriptions would help us, but we're not really going to give different levels of coverage–we want everyone to see everything– and we have no merchandise to offer right now (this could change in the future), so we're asking simply that anyone who wants to support our efforts pick a level that is comfortable. Please bear in mind that any site like SubscribeStar or Patreon keeps a percentage of every donation–that's how they make money–so if you donate $1.99 to us, we're going to get somewhere around $1.40 or so. Just FYI.
  • While we are NOT in competition with the school for ticket-sales–we want every local fan who can make it to come out and cheer the team on! if you're outside the area, we would like you to consider supporting us with about the same amount of money you'd spend on tickets if you were here. If that doesn't suit, please consider one of the other tiers above.
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FoxTale Studios Sports is an independent, non-profit service which has been dedicated to the coverage of Brookville Raiders football for the past five seasons. This year, we are upgrading our efforts out-of-pocket with the goal of live streaming each game, home and away, offering video as well as audio, in real time with highlights to follow in (approximately) 24 hours. While the necessary gear to do this is not mind-bogglingly expensive, it's also noticeably higher priced than a case of Campbell's Chicken Noodle soup (though less effective against colds and 'flu). We are currently financing about a dozen items that are 'must haves' and the goal amount above represents about one quarter of our total cost. Any help toward completing this task would be greatly appreciated.

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