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FoxTale Studio: Sports is pleased to announce that we are exploring a new approach in providing support of amateur football in our region. We'll be "underground" for the next few months as we work to build this new project, so check back in Spring '22.
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  • Football has been a part of our lives since 2007, when Cecil joined the Brookville Lumberjacks. In 2014, we began podcasting games for the Brookville Raiders and the Robert Morris University Colonials. 2020 put us on the bench, but we're back and looking forward to some great games as we cover the St. Mary's Flying Dutchmen.

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FoxTale Studios Sports is an independent, non-profit service which has been dedicated to the coverage of amateur football since 2014. Since 2019, we have focused our efforts on acquiring the equipment & skills to move from audio podcasts to live streaming. While the necessary gear to do this is not mind-bogglingly expensive, it's also noticeably higher priced than a case of Campbell's Chicken Noodle soup (though less effective against colds & 'flu). Travel expenses & LTE data add to our monthly costs as well. We are currently financing about a dozen items that are 'must haves' & the goal amount above represents about one quarter of our total cost. Any help toward completing this task would be greatly appreciated.

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