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Forza Italian Football are producing daily exclusive content for our subscribers straight from Italy - something that no other Italian football website or podcast can offer.
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€2/$2.35 supporter

Thank you for supporting Forza Italian Football! At this level, you will thanked for your support on the Forza Italian Football Podcast. As well, as a supporter, you will be given priority with having questions answered on the weekly FIFpod.

As a token of our gratitude, we'll send the first of our weekly newsletters of each month to supporters in this tier.

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€5/$5.90 supporter

Our €5 supporters will receive exclusive access to regular premium content and will be able to enjoy regular bonus podcasts, videos, and other bits as well. We will send a weekly newsletter to keep you on the pulse with all things Serie A and Italian football.

As an extra thanks for your support, we'll send you FIF-branded merchandise in the form of a pen and a sticker.

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€10/$11.75 supporter

For €10, you will receive everything that is included in the €5 package and, after three months' patronage, we'll send you a special Forza Italian Football-branded mug, as are available in the FIF store.

As well, we will offer our €10 supporters the chance to join a live recording of an exclusive FIFpod every two months, where you can have all of your questions answered by the FIF team.

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Forza Italian Football are producing regular exclusive content for our subscribers straight from Italy - something that no other Italian football website or podcast can offer. The Forza Italian Football Podcast and the website have been running for more than 11 years now, on a completely voluntary basis, and we want to take our coverage to the next level for you - our supporters. We plan to produce regular content for our lowest tier level, with extra incentives for higher-costing tiers, starting from as little as €2 per month. Anything you can pledge would be extremely welcome and much appreciated.

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