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I am car enthusiast who loves to go to shows all across the East Coast of the United States and create videos to show the world the different car scenes here In the US.
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Bronze Tier

This is the starter tier. This is the best way to support me and my goals as a content creator. I appreciate your support very much!

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Silver Tier

This Tier is for those of you who really enjoy what I do and would like to support me even more than the bronze tier each month. Your help will make me closer to my goal of traveling the country going to different car shows! I appreciate you very much!

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Gold Tier

This Tier is for the ones who love what I do and are always watching my videos every time I upload them. The ones who are always first to watch and hit that like button! Thank you for being there from the start and making me motivated to continue this journey.

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  • You will see behind the scenes of what I am working on or doing before anyone else. Video clips will be uploaded here first before anywhere else. I appreciate your support!

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