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About me: I've been playing FFXIV since release. All of the tools released here are tools I've made for myself over the years. It all started with the mudra lag (I used to play NIN) and my trying to diminish it as much as possible.
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FFXIV Hack Tool:


3/10/19 Updated

This site is for a FFXIV hack tool that

—removes the 500ms delay between abilities (abilities/spells/weapon skills can be used in instant succession IF they are off cooldown [i.e. you still can't spam GCDs back-to-back]),

—removes animation lock for abilities such as limit breaks and assassinate (not jumps unfortunately),

—removes movement effects from sleep, stun, bind, etc.,

—reduces cast times by 0.35 seconds (any lower and the server won't recognize the cast),

—reduces delay between gathering attempts (adjustable),

—increases max camera distance (adjustable),

—increases the target circle of mobs and players to allow for more distant casting/ability activation,

—overlays a radar of nearby mobs and objects (toggleable),

—locks character position to prevent knockbacks, draw-ins, confusions, terrors, etc. by holding down an assigned key,

—allows for the teleportation of one's character to anywhere in a zone,

—locks a player's movement speed to any value with an auto-adjustment for sprint,

—allows for target canceling under any circumstance, resulting in the duping of hidden gathering items (and possibly others as well),

—allows for automated macros with the help of ACT triggers,

—and expedites/hacks certain crafting actions.

The full version also comes with a GUI, keybinds to turn these functions on/off, and regular monthly updates. As of right now, the tool only works with the dx11 version of FFXIV. If the demand arises, I will work on a dx9 version. To run: simply run the executable (as administrator) while FFXIV is running.

I will include a demo version here, which has the cast time reduction feature. Thank you!


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The current versions of the FFXIV Speeder, Radar, and Triggerer programs.

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