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Faith Goldy
I'm a Christian Canadian Nationalist who makes politically incorrect content for patriots interested in the Truth. Following the facts, wherever they lead! 'Canada First' every Monday night at 9PM ET and weekly videos at
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A respectable, traditional amount... For less than a buck a day, you can participate in a monthly livestream filled with YOUR questions. I won't call it a night until we're through them all!

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Get a personal livestream where, face to face, we can talk about religion, politics, philosophy, or the topics of your choosing! Plus, you'll be included in my monthly private SubscribeStar AMA livestream!

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SUPPORT MY WORK! Unlike the Canadian MSM, getting $600 MILLION in taxpayer bailout just to create Drag Queen content geared at kids, I make common sense content without the public handouts. If you believe in independent journalism and commentary, every little bit helps! These funds go to gas for stories, better equipment for your viewing experience, and lots of coffee! XO


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