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Decker Shado
The internet personality with the best hair! Movie reviews and related videos every week.
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Access to a monthly podcast. Same one as on Patreon, but this allows you to access it without having to go through Patreon, if you so desire.

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Podcasts n' Readings

Access to monthly podcasts and readings of scary stories from the interwebs (creepypastas), same as on Patreon & YouTube membership, but now on SubscribeStar.

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Live Feeds too!

Access to monthly podcasts, creepypasta readings and livestreams. Podcasts the same as on Patreon, riffs the same as Patreon and YouTube memberships, and livestreams the same as on Patreon, but available through SubscribeStar.

Live feeds are scheduled on the last Saturday of every month, at 12 noon Central time.

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