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Darts coaching with Dynamite Dave
Darts coaching with Dynamite Dave
Darts coaching seminars and appearances personal coaching videos with one to one coaching plus tutorial videos on you tube.
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you will get personal access to my personal thoughts on the darts seen I will let you into some of my secret methods and the way I come to my concussions on the Dynamite Dave way...

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  • you will get vip acsess to Dynamite Dave and how it all happens with behind the scenes videos and comments.
Darts coaching with Dynamite Dave
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Hi and welcome to my Subscribestar page and if you have come here you will be looking to help me with the channel /page Ect. As you will know I do the raffles and giveaways but your regular subscription is what will help me move Darts coaching with Dynamite Dave to the next level there are many thing I would love to do like come to your country or region to give coaching sessions but I need help for that to be possible. So if your kind enough to decide to chip in I will be eternally grateful   https://youtu.be/0x-DrJ7ltvg
Thanks Dynamite Dave... 
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