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I'm creating HD textures and mods for Skyrim.
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  • Welcome to Tamrielic Textures, the probably most ambitious retexturing project for Skyrim and Skyrim Special Edition! The goal of this project is to make Skyrim gameplay more immersive with an authentic visual experience by using high definition, original but lore-friendly textures that exceed the quality and completeness of any current existing Skyrim texture mod.

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XBox One Texture Size Options Released

Good news for XBox One players ... after much request I've finally got around creating versions with 2K diffuse/1K normal maps and 1K diffuse/1K normal maps (for those who want an even smaller storage size footprint). Also check out the new green option for XBox One which provides grassy green terrain for Whiterun tundra and Riften fall forest areas. All can be found on



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