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Ken, Christian minister and founder of CV08 Youtube Channel providing information from the Christian worldview. He has served God for decades and his community for years in emergency services. He still shares his knowledge, experience and the Gospel of Jesus the Christ with you through Brighteon, Vimeo and YT..
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ChristianVoice08 Channel Subscriber

Promotes production of more video content for the CV08 YT Channel.

SubscribeStar $5.00 tier
per month
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Catholic Evangelist

If you would like to help produce more videos which reach out to Catholics to share the True Gospel with them as well as videos educating non-Catholics about Roman Catholic teachings, please, be a Catholic Evangelist. Funds from this tier will produce more content and videos from Richard Bennett's ministry and continue his work even though he is with the Lord Jesus already. We will cover the latest articles and issues from Catholicism for Catholics and Christians.

SubscribeStar $10.00 tier
per month
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2A Defender

All funds from this tier will pay for production of 2A videos from the Biblical perspective including Biblical Self Defense and Ken's own system, Practical Integrated Self Defense Training. The number of patrons to this tier will dictate the number of these videos produced each month and subscribers will have input on the videos produced! We can even produce shooting videos and reviews of firearms for church and personal defense. Funds will help with ammo costs and crew expenses.

SubscribeStar $15.00 tier
per month
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Community Shepherd (Defender)

For those wishing to lead their neighborhood defense planning and organizing against rioting, disasters and breakdowns. Special access granted to Civil Defense training videos, live streams and HANDOUTS, class notes for you to use training your neighbors. This will be from firefighting and pre-planning to neighborhood civil defense preparation.

per month
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Frontline Supporter

For those wishing to help Ken film and edit more videos for YT and Brighteon any content especially evangelism and basic Biblical doctrines. Enough supporters at this leval would lessen his work schedule hours per week allowing more videos and series.

Limited (0 out of 100) subscriptions
SubscribeStar $25.00 tier
per month
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Congregation Defender

If you want to fund more videos on church security, please, consider sponsoring these videos. They take more time to film and edit. They may be important to saving lives in the coming months. Support this series.

Limited (1 out of 50) subscriptions
SubscribeStar $100.00 tier


  • First screening of all new Youtube Videos
  • Direct Communication with Ken and other Channel Guests
  • Live stream events in future

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  • Access to Star's profile content.
  • Ability to support your Star by contributing – one-time or recurring.
  • Means to reaching out to the Star directly via Instant Messenger.
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