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Who really won the Cold War?

Yuri Bezmenov was a KGB defector in the 1980s but this video chillingly explains how today we have so many goofballs running our society. It begs the question: who did really win the cold war?
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Public post

Statins - Wonder Drug or Poison? 

Written by Joe Zagami
 Senior Medical Researcher
 The Institute for Natural Healing
Edited by James Williams, Chimes Media 

My Story

We have all been deceived for many years about the drug group known as Statins. This includes our own doctors. 
In May 2019, I was prescribed Atorvastatin by my GP to help reduce cholesterol. I was overweight, but not obese. My BMI score was 29 and it was deemed that I had a 10% chance of suffering a stroke or a heart attack in the next 10 years. The only other drug I take regularly is Warfarin (anticoagulant) and this is due to having a metallic aortic valve. 
It is curious that Warfarin is a preventative of strokes and yet I still have a 10% chance of having one.
Personally, I do not like taking any drugs. I see them as poisons, but have accepted that Warfarin is a necessity. 
My previous encounter with statins was in mid 2018 when I had been prescribed Simvastatin. I found that it caused bowel problems, so I stopped using them and have had few problems since. The doctor noted this in April 2019 and suggested that Atorvastatin would be kinder on my digestive system. So, on 1st May, I took my first dose and there was nothing obviously adverse to start with. 
To help reduce weight, I had taken up doing a good hour of strenuous exercise each morning which included running and my weight had slowly come down and my BMI with it. 
Unfortunately, as the weeks progressed I became more lethargic and my energy levels began to feel depleted. I found it increasingly difficult to concentrate and my morning exercises became more and more of a challenge to complete. Something was wrong, but I did not know what. I was not ill with anything I could put my finger on.  
Then, one Saturday, three hours after having completed my most strenuous routine to date I decided to pay a visit to my local shops. 
As soon as I stood up, I felt dizzy and slightly breathless, but I was determined to carry out my mission. It is a 10 minute walk to the shops, but I found I had to stop several times to get my breath on the way. I began sweating profusely. The dizzy spells became more intense than before and my heart raced as if I had been running hard. I pressed on and reached one of the shops. It was air conditioned which helped cool me down, but I still felt ill. The shop assistant asked me if I was feeling alright. I told him that I had felt better. I got the items I came for and returned home.
When I got home my wife said I looked very pale. I told her I was not feeling good at all and spent the remainder of the weekend resting. Any exercise induced dizziness, but I did try with vigorous walking. 
I managed to book a doctor’s appointment, but due to high demand that would not be for a few days. My condition did not improve for the next three days and so I checked on what the side effects of Statins were. What I found matched what I was experiencing. Doctor’s advice or not, I stopped and within 48 hours all the adverse symptoms were gone and I recovered fully. 
I found from chatting to different people taking Statins that some had also experienced adverse symptoms and, like me, had been advised that these things were meant to be taken for life. 
This is where I did decided to do more research on this so-called ‘wonder drug’ and found this article by Joe Zagami, Senior Medical Researcher of The Institute for Natural Healing. 
He covered other unnecessary drugs, so I have edited the article to focus exclusively on Statins. 

Joe Zagami's Report

“Statin drugs don’t prevent heart disease. But they do have many harmful side effects, including weakening your heart and sometimes even causing fatal heart attacks.
You’ll get proof of that in a moment. But why were we led to believe otherwise, as if this were a magic pill for heart attack prevention?
It’s a fascinating story. And one you should fully know because your doctor isn’t going to stop prescribing these dangerous drugs anytime soon.

A bad day in medical history?

August 31, 1987, was hailed as a landmark day in medical history.
That’s when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first statin drug, Lovastatin.
It was billed as a miracle pill because Lovastatin had lowered blood cholesterol in its clinical trials. And here’s why that was believed to be so important…
Dr. Ancel Keys, the doctor famous for creating WWII K-Rations, had previously released his seven-country study showing that the consumption of saturated animal fats—presumed to raise cholesterol—caused heart disease.
Just one problem…
Keys’ original study included 22 countries. But when he didn’t get the results he needed to prove his hypothesis, he cherry-picked six countries that would. And then he added Wales (inside Great Britain) to get to seven.
Japan and Italy, which had less animal fat consumption, had very low rates of heart disease. Australia, Canada, England, and the U.S. had higher animal fat consumption and higher rates of heart disease.
Keys had the clout to make the cover of Time magazine in January 1961. And his bogus study set in motion decades of deception, misguidance, and bodily harm.
But decades later, when careful researchers took a close look at Keys’ full 22-country study, they found it didn’t hold water.
Plenty of countries with high animal fat consumption had low heart disease. But by then it was too late. The pharmaceutical industry had jumped on Keys’ conclusion to make cholesterol-lowering drugs. And it promoted them aggressively as an effective way to prevent heart attacks and strokes—even though the actual reductions from the statin drug were miniscule.
It was an easy sell for two reasons:
First, concentrations of cholesterol were found in arterial plaque. But that’s normal because cholesterol is in every cell of the human body.
Second, most people normally have total cholesterol levels near or higher than 200, the arbitrary level the drug company set as being “at risk for heart disease.” 
Drug companies especially promoted the idea that LDL was the “bad cholesterol.” And yet…

There is no such thing as Good or Bad cholesterol.

That’s Big Pharma’s propaganda. And it’s regurgitated by the doctors and medical societies that learned it from them, and by the media that takes advertising money from them.
Here’s the truth our research team at The Institute for Natural Healing uncovered…
Both LDL and HDL are lipoproteins that move cholesterol through your bloodstream. This action is vital to your brain health, cellular health, muscle health, hormone production, vitamin D production, and the making of bile that digests your food.
All of these functions are critically important to your good health. Lower your cholesterol and you’ll likely cause bodily harm. You could even die prematurely—and you’ll get proof of that in a moment.
Statin drugs do have one small benefit—they slightly reduce inflammation, a problem we’ll discuss in a minute. But there are so many good natural remedies for reducing inflammation that you don’t need to take a drug for it.
And here’s another problem: Statin drugs can’t reduce cholesterol without also reducing CoQ10, the nutrient that powers your muscles. Your heart is a muscle.
According to studies, statins do next to nothing to prevent heart disease. But they do have harmful side effects.
They can weaken your heart, cause fatigue, cataracts, brain fog, hormone and vitamin deficiencies, muscle damage, increase your risk for diabetes and compromise your immune system’s ability to repair damaged cells.
Even setting these harmful side effects aside…

This is a far BIGGER PROBLEM than you think…

Tens of millions of people take statin drugs daily, believing they are protected from heart disease, while still doing the five things that actually cause heart attacks and strokes.
The cholesterol-lowering statin drug is a false security blanket that blinds you to the real triggers. That’s why heart disease remains the #1 killer today.

Here’s where the problem began

The modern heart-disease epidemic began with a 1977 government committee tasked with reducing America’s #1 killer.
This committee, headed by Democratic Senator George McGovern, took advice from flawed sources and urged replacing animal fats with vegetable fats. It seemed like a good idea, especially after Keys’ study got so much attention. But animal fat imparts good flavor, so to make up for the lost flavor, food manufacturers added sugar.
THAT was the fatal error.
You see, refined vegetable fats and sugars—which are ubiquitous in fast and processed foods—are a perfect disease-making combination. You’ll see why in a moment.
This is why degenerative diseases are rampant in our country—arthritis, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, inflammatory bowel disease, autoimmune disorders, Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, and ALS.
We’ve all been deceived. And a large portion of our food supply has been poisoned. A slow poison that chips away inside your body, a little bit every day, until one day it can strike you dead in an instant!

Time magazine, to its credit, did correct its story in 2014, to show that the consumption of animal fats neither raises cholesterol nor causes heart disease.
That means fatty meats, butter, cream, and cheese, at least in moderation, won’t hurt you. But foods with refined vegetable oils and sugars—often promoted as healthy foods—can definitely hurt you because they lead to chronic inflammation.
Time also reported, early in 2015, that the U.S. government’s new dietary guidelines state that “dietary cholesterol is not a nutrient of concern for overconsumption.”
The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee report concludes, "Available evidence shows no appreciable relationship between consumption of dietary cholesterol and serum (blood) cholesterol. Cholesterol is not a nutrient of concern for overconsumption."
Let me be clear on that… “You can’t overconsume cholesterol.”
This myth-busting statement, undoing nearly 40 years of bad advice, was buried in one short paragraph on page 91 of the government’s report. News THAT BIG should’ve made page 1. Why didn’t it?
We followed the money. And you’ll soon see why it didn’t. For now, just know that LDL cholesterol is not bad and you do not need to lower it.
Your body makes what you need for good health. If you get some from your diet, it makes less. Simple as that. But let’s let the facts settle this issue…

How did 30 years of aggressive cholesterol-lowering statin therapy work out?

Today, one in three deaths recorded in the United States is from heart attacks and strokes—more than all forms of cancer combined. Coronary artery disease is still the #1 killer.
And we now have strong scientific evidence that statin drugs can be hazardous to your health.

Let me show you some important study results

In the The Big Statin Lie report it was revealed that: 
*   The double-blind study that launched Lipitor claimed a 36% relative reduction in heart attacks. But the actual reduction was only 1%! A perfect example of how you can lie with statistics.
*   The double-blind study that launched Crestor claimed a nearly 50% relative reduction in heart attacks, when the actual reduction was 0.41%. That’s less than one half of one percent!
You’d think your doctor wouldn’t prescribe statin drugs based on these dismal results—especially considering the harmful side effects. But doctors aren’t reading the research. They’re reading drug company sales literature.
And look at this…

*   A major finding in the Crestor trials that was NOT reported was the drug caused 50% more fatal heart attacks than the placebo. The Crestor study was done on healthy people for prevention and more people died!

*   A study published at the East Texas Medical Center found that 66% of patients taking Lipitor for six months developed heart problems, including the kind that can lead to heart failure.
There’s more shocking news you should know…

*   In a landmark cholesterol study in Japan, published in the Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism, researchers were startled to find the highest mortality occurred in people with the lowest cholesterol levels.
This was no fluke…

*   A study of 1,000 heart patients at UCLA Department of Medicine and Cardiomyopathy Center found that those with low total serum cholesterol showed a marked increase in mortality.

*   A major study published in the Journal of Critical Care showed that reduced cholesterol and triglyceride levels caused a 990% increased risk of death in the 30 days following a heart attack.
By taking a statin drug, knowing it doesn’t prevent heart disease, you could suffer harmful side effects and possibly die prematurely. 
*   A study of 26,000 participants published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine found people taking statin drugs to lower cholesterol were 87% more likely to develop diabetes.

*   A study at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center of 916 women age 55 to 74 who had been taking statins for 10 years or longer found double the incidence of breast cancer.
What’s more…
*   The FDA reported 36,605 cases of brain impairment from statin use—memory loss, confusion, paranoia, depression, and dementia. And those were just the “reported cases” in the last decade.
You can see that getting valuable information like this from our Independent Healing newsletter can really help you—even save your life.
You’ll need it because nothing has changed in establishment medicine, and statin prescriptions are even on the rise…
The new cholesterol guidelines from The American Heart Association would result in half of all people over age 40 taking statins, and 87% of men over age 60.  
Did Big Pharma help The American Heart Association arrive at these new guidelines? Let’s follow the money…
Lipitor, made by Pfizer, is the most successful drug of all time, pulling in $13.3 billion in total sales in one year.
According to some sources, Crestor, whose study claimed to prevent heart disease in healthy people but actually caused more fatal heart attacks than the placebo, has recently become the #2 top selling drug. It pulled in $6 billion last year alone.
All together, statins are among the most successful drugs in Big Pharma’s history. Do you think those massive profits bought influence? Consider this…

Universities with medical research departments routinely receive large grants from Big Pharma. The same is true for medical schools.
Many doctors are paid to lend their names to drug company sponsored studies, or to speak at industry sponsored educational seminars. Big Pharma spends nearly 50% more money on Washington lobbyists than any other industry, paying 1,320 registered lobbyists in 2015. That’s three drug lobbyists for every U.S. Congressman.

Get the facts, save your heart and your life

That is Joe Zagami’s report on statins and he is trying to sell stuff about modern myths about medications and I have no objection to that. Chimes Media is not getting any back-handers from him or his organization and nor have we asked for anything. However, I would recommend a subscription if only to get fuller details about drugs your unlikely to be warned about from elsewhere.

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Public post
It is one thing to be partisan but completely dishonest to lie unless you are at war. So is Google at war with Trump and against the people, not just of the US, but of all people across the world who want decency and prosperity for their families and their communities?
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Public post

Title IX – Yet Another Obama Legacy that screwed things up

The persecution of young men on college campuses across the US due to the application or Title IX rules has been unprecedented and relentless. Many hundreds of mainly young men have faced kangaroo court justice and had their hopes and dreams shattered by the power of a woman's accusation. 
If you have committed a sexual offence then it should be a police matter and not the job of unqualified and, often prejudicial, college administrators to investigate and assess the merits of each case. 
The Obama administration created a radical feminist wet dream whereby mainly male students were shockingly denied due process and suffered expulsion and the ruination of their ambitions. Consequently, many hundreds have sued to claim huge sums of compensation for discrimination. Court battles are expensive and for every young man that has taken them on, there will be about 20 others who cannot afford to do so. 
Accusations should be listened to and not automatically be believed.
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Public post

A New Hope for UK?

Mentioned in the chat: Mark Dice, UK Ambassador, Jeremy Hunt, Gulf tankers, official piracy, EU Laws, UK embarrassment, Iran, UK bad policies, Boris Johnson, Penny Mordaunt, You Tube censorship,

UK - Iranian Tanker problem  

Two British tankers, the Stena Impero and the Mesdar were intercepted by Iranian forces in mid July. Only the Mesdar was permitted to continue its journey after a short while. The Stena Impero remains under Iranian control with reportedly 23 crew members on board. 
These interceptions occurred following the seizure of a Liberian registered vessel on 4th July off of Gibraltar after it was alleged to be breaking EU Laws. The vessel was carrying a consignment of Iranian oil to Syria.
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Public post

Carbon Debt Insanity

Sky News did a short documentary recently to claim that the UK has a Carbon Debt. 
In spite of the benefits brought to the world by the Industrial Revolution and its aftermath, Britain initiated the process that has irreversibly changed the world. 
Sky produced evocative pillars showing towering carbon debt skyscrapers. The model was created by us and copied by other nations around the world, most notably the USA. Nevertheless, we are responsible because we started it. 
The debt was not given a currency, but that was not the point. It was an apparent attempt to make us feel ashamed of what we had done as a people. It is not that we revolutionized trade, invented amazing things, and opened up the world’s secrets to the scrutiny of science and, actually ended slavery. It is not that we should be proud that many millions have been prevented from starving to death, or dying of plague, or given hope for a better life. No, we should hang our heads in shame for …. for what? It is because our efforts have destroyed the Earth. This charge is not like an accusation of genocide, but worse – It is Globacide. (New word).
How about all those who have benefited (which is just about everyone) hand back everything they have ever bought? They should not use any transport. We should walk everywhere, no matter how far. We should only wear clothes and shoes that we have made. We should grow our own food and eat only that, except for that we exchange with our neighbours. 
BUT, that is not all, these globalist alarmists (aka tyrants) let slip every now and again by saying there are too many humans. It means, they would not be satisfied with returning us to the Stone Age. They want most of us dead. I have a suggestion to them: You first.

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