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Following the Dunblane massacre in 1996, the UK Government passed legislation that effectively banned handguns (except for in Northern Ireland) There are however 1.3 million licensed shotguns (about 1 in 64 people) and there are also an additional 535,000 legally licensed 'firearms' which are not shotguns.

However, since 1996, the social climate has changed considerably in some areas. The demographic has shifted so significantly that London and other cities are no longer inhabited by traditional British people. In fact many are becoming increasingly dominated by those whose culture is hostile to that of the host nation.

This is being repeated in much of Europe and people are waking up to the fact that they are being replaced and all that made up those people’s society, their history, their traditions and their values, is set to be swept away. Naturally there are the more prominent individuals who are speaking up and taking action. However, the plan to replace the European people was planned a long time ago through the Kalergi Plan. The elites that are pushing this know and expect a reaction and so we have seen the rise and enforcement of Hate Speech laws. These are designed to shut down any complaint about what is going on. Dissidents will find themselves arrested, jailed, threatened and their lives put in danger. People are being subdued due to fear of being labelled a racist, a xenophobe and an Islamaphobe.

The police are part of the system. They are operate as tools of the elite and can no longer be trusted to protect its citizens. Instead, they have been found to be used as weapons of oppression to silence those that dare raise a voice.

We have seen thousands of British girls being raped and authorities being prepared to do nothing except let it happen. The media, the politicians and the legislature have conspired to suppress action against those who would harm the most vulnerable. Instead they chose to call anyone who calls them out as bigots and hatemongers when all they are doing is hiding their own crimes against humanity.

Hundreds of dissidents have found themselves being raided, arrested and charged for having the courage to speak up. The more prominent ones have been jailed and have suffered attacks while in jail. They have been threatened with murder and serious assault and these threats have been extended to their families.

Given that we no longer can rely on the police to protect dissidents effectively is it not time to allow such individuals to legitimately keep firearms in their homes?


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