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  • Independent commentary along with fresh interviews and film footage.
  • The aim is to develop and create regular pod casts and set up an online radio station to share and promote material from other citizen journalists

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Who really won the Cold War?

Yuri Bezmenov was a KGB defector in the 1980s but this video chillingly explains how today we have so many goofballs running our society. It begs the question: who did really win the cold war?
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Statins - Wonder Drug or Poison? 

Written by Joe Zagami
 Senior Medical Researcher
 The Institute for Natural Healing
Edited by James Williams, Chimes Media 

My Story

We have all been deceived for many years about the drug group known as Statins. This includes our own doctors. 
In May 2019, I was prescribed Atorvastatin by my GP to help reduce cholesterol. I was overweight, but not obese. My BMI score was 29 and it was deemed that I had a 10% chance of suffering a stroke or a heart attack in the next 10 years. The only other drug I take regularly is Warfarin (anticoagulant) and this is due to having a metallic aortic valve. 
It is curious that Warfarin is a preventative of strokes and yet I still have a 10% chance of having one.
Personally, I do not like taking any drugs. I see them as poisons, but have accepted that Warfarin is a necessity. 
My previous encounter with statins was in mid 2018 when I had been prescribed Simvastatin. I found that it caused bowel problems, so I stopped using them and have had few problems since. The doctor noted this in April 2019 and suggested that Atorvastatin would be kinder on my digestive system. So, on 1st May, I took my first dose and there was nothing obviously adverse to start with. 
To help reduce weight, I had taken up doing a good hour of strenuous exercise each morning which included running and my weight had slowly come down and my BMI with it. 
Unfortunately, as the weeks progressed I became more lethargic and my energy levels began to feel depleted. I found it increasingly difficult to concentrate and my morning exercises became more and more of a challenge to complete. Something was wrong, but I did not know what. I was not ill with anything I could put my finger on.  
Then, one Saturday, three hours after having completed my most strenuous routine to date I decided to pay a visit to my local shops. 
As soon as I stood up, I felt dizzy and slightly breathless, but I was determined to carry out my mission. It is a 10 minute walk to the shops, but I found I had to stop several times to get my breath on the way. I began sweating profusely. The dizzy spells became more intense than before and my heart raced as if I had been running hard. I pressed on and reached one of the shops. It was air conditioned which helped cool me down, but I still felt ill. The shop assistant asked me if I was feeling alright. I told him that I had felt better. I got the items I came for and returned home.
When I got home my wife said I looked very pale. I told her I was not feeling good at all and spent the remainder of the weekend resting. Any exercise induced dizziness, but I did try with vigorous walking. 
I managed to book a doctor’s appointment, but due to high demand that would not be for a few days. My condition did not improve for the next three days and so I checked on what the side effects of Statins were. What I found matched what I was experiencing. Doctor’s advice or not, I stopped and within 48 hours all the adverse symptoms were gone and I recovered fully. 
I found from chatting to different people taking Statins that some had also experienced adverse symptoms and, like me, had been advised that these things were meant to be taken for life. 
This is where I did decided to do more research on this so-called ‘wonder drug’ and found this article by Joe Zagami, Senior Medical Researcher of The Institute for Natural Healing. 
He covered other unnecessary drugs, so I have edited the article to focus exclusively on Statins. 

Joe Zagami's Report

“Statin drugs don’t prevent heart disease. But they do have many harmful side effects, including weakening your heart and sometimes even causing fatal heart attacks.
You’ll get proof of that in a moment. But why were we led to believe otherwise, as if this were a magic pill for heart attack prevention?
It’s a fascinating story. And one you should fully know because your doctor isn’t going to stop prescribing these dangerous drugs anytime soon.

A bad day in medical history?

August 31, 1987, was hailed as a landmark day in medical history.
That’s when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first statin drug, Lovastatin.
It was billed as a miracle pill because Lovastatin had lowered blood cholesterol in its clinical trials. And here’s why that was believed to be so important…
Dr. Ancel Keys, the doctor famous for creating WWII K-Rations, had previously released his seven-country study showing that the consumption of saturated animal fats—presumed to raise cholesterol—caused heart disease.
Just one problem…
Keys’ original study included 22 countries. But when he didn’t get the results he needed to prove his hypothesis, he cherry-picked six countries that would. And then he added Wales (inside Great Britain) to get to seven.
Japan and Italy, which had less animal fat consumption, had very low rates of heart disease. Australia, Canada, England, and the U.S. had higher animal fat consumption and higher rates of heart disease.
Keys had the clout to make the cover of Time magazine in January 1961. And his bogus study set in motion decades of deception, misguidance, and bodily harm.
But decades later, when careful researchers took a close look at Keys’ full 22-country study, they found it didn’t hold water.
Plenty of countries with high animal fat consumption had low heart disease. But by then it was too late. The pharmaceutical industry had jumped on Keys’ conclusion to make cholesterol-lowering drugs. And it promoted them aggressively as an effective way to prevent heart attacks and strokes—even though the actual reductions from the statin drug were miniscule.
It was an easy sell for two reasons:
First, concentrations of cholesterol were found in arterial plaque. But that’s normal because cholesterol is in every cell of the human body.
Second, most people normally have total cholesterol levels near or higher than 200, the arbitrary level the drug company set as being “at risk for heart disease.” 
Drug companies especially promoted the idea that LDL was the “bad cholesterol.” And yet…

There is no such thing as Good or Bad cholesterol.

That’s Big Pharma’s propaganda. And it’s regurgitated by the doctors and medical societies that learned it from them, and by the media that takes advertising money from them.
Here’s the truth our research team at The Institute for Natural Healing uncovered…
Both LDL and HDL are lipoproteins that move cholesterol through your bloodstream. This action is vital to your brain health, cellular health, muscle health, hormone production, vitamin D production, and the making of bile that digests your food.
All of these functions are critically important to your good health. Lower your cholesterol and you’ll likely cause bodily harm. You could even die prematurely—and you’ll get proof of that in a moment.
Statin drugs do have one small benefit—they slightly reduce inflammation, a problem we’ll discuss in a minute. But there are so many good natural remedies for reducing inflammation that you don’t need to take a drug for it.
And here’s another problem: Statin drugs can’t reduce cholesterol without also reducing CoQ10, the nutrient that powers your muscles. Your heart is a muscle.
According to studies, statins do next to nothing to prevent heart disease. But they do have harmful side effects.
They can weaken your heart, cause fatigue, cataracts, brain fog, hormone and vitamin deficiencies, muscle damage, increase your risk for diabetes and compromise your immune system’s ability to repair damaged cells.
Even setting these harmful side effects aside…

This is a far BIGGER PROBLEM than you think…

Tens of millions of people take statin drugs daily, believing they are protected from heart disease, while still doing the five things that actually cause heart attacks and strokes.
The cholesterol-lowering statin drug is a false security blanket that blinds you to the real triggers. That’s why heart disease remains the #1 killer today.

Here’s where the problem began

The modern heart-disease epidemic began with a 1977 government committee tasked with reducing America’s #1 killer.
This committee, headed by Democratic Senator George McGovern, took advice from flawed sources and urged replacing animal fats with vegetable fats. It seemed like a good idea, especially after Keys’ study got so much attention. But animal fat imparts good flavor, so to make up for the lost flavor, food manufacturers added sugar.
THAT was the fatal error.
You see, refined vegetable fats and sugars—which are ubiquitous in fast and processed foods—are a perfect disease-making combination. You’ll see why in a moment.
This is why degenerative diseases are rampant in our country—arthritis, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, inflammatory bowel disease, autoimmune disorders, Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, and ALS.
We’ve all been deceived. And a large portion of our food supply has been poisoned. A slow poison that chips away inside your body, a little bit every day, until one day it can strike you dead in an instant!

Time magazine, to its credit, did correct its story in 2014, to show that the consumption of animal fats neither raises cholesterol nor causes heart disease.
That means fatty meats, butter, cream, and cheese, at least in moderation, won’t hurt you. But foods with refined vegetable oils and sugars—often promoted as healthy foods—can definitely hurt you because they lead to chronic inflammation.
Time also reported, early in 2015, that the U.S. government’s new dietary guidelines state that “dietary cholesterol is not a nutrient of concern for overconsumption.”
The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee report concludes, "Available evidence shows no appreciable relationship between consumption of dietary cholesterol and serum (blood) cholesterol. Cholesterol is not a nutrient of concern for overconsumption."
Let me be clear on that… “You can’t overconsume cholesterol.”
This myth-busting statement, undoing nearly 40 years of bad advice, was buried in one short paragraph on page 91 of the government’s report. News THAT BIG should’ve made page 1. Why didn’t it?
We followed the money. And you’ll soon see why it didn’t. For now, just know that LDL cholesterol is not bad and you do not need to lower it.
Your body makes what you need for good health. If you get some from your diet, it makes less. Simple as that. But let’s let the facts settle this issue…

How did 30 years of aggressive cholesterol-lowering statin therapy work out?

Today, one in three deaths recorded in the United States is from heart attacks and strokes—more than all forms of cancer combined. Coronary artery disease is still the #1 killer.
And we now have strong scientific evidence that statin drugs can be hazardous to your health.

Let me show you some important study results

In the The Big Statin Lie report it was revealed that: 
*   The double-blind study that launched Lipitor claimed a 36% relative reduction in heart attacks. But the actual reduction was only 1%! A perfect example of how you can lie with statistics.
*   The double-blind study that launched Crestor claimed a nearly 50% relative reduction in heart attacks, when the actual reduction was 0.41%. That’s less than one half of one percent!
You’d think your doctor wouldn’t prescribe statin drugs based on these dismal results—especially considering the harmful side effects. But doctors aren’t reading the research. They’re reading drug company sales literature.
And look at this…

*   A major finding in the Crestor trials that was NOT reported was the drug caused 50% more fatal heart attacks than the placebo. The Crestor study was done on healthy people for prevention and more people died!

*   A study published at the East Texas Medical Center found that 66% of patients taking Lipitor for six months developed heart problems, including the kind that can lead to heart failure.
There’s more shocking news you should know…

*   In a landmark cholesterol study in Japan, published in the Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism, researchers were startled to find the highest mortality occurred in people with the lowest cholesterol levels.
This was no fluke…

*   A study of 1,000 heart patients at UCLA Department of Medicine and Cardiomyopathy Center found that those with low total serum cholesterol showed a marked increase in mortality.

*   A major study published in the Journal of Critical Care showed that reduced cholesterol and triglyceride levels caused a 990% increased risk of death in the 30 days following a heart attack.
By taking a statin drug, knowing it doesn’t prevent heart disease, you could suffer harmful side effects and possibly die prematurely. 
*   A study of 26,000 participants published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine found people taking statin drugs to lower cholesterol were 87% more likely to develop diabetes.

*   A study at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center of 916 women age 55 to 74 who had been taking statins for 10 years or longer found double the incidence of breast cancer.
What’s more…
*   The FDA reported 36,605 cases of brain impairment from statin use—memory loss, confusion, paranoia, depression, and dementia. And those were just the “reported cases” in the last decade.
You can see that getting valuable information like this from our Independent Healing newsletter can really help you—even save your life.
You’ll need it because nothing has changed in establishment medicine, and statin prescriptions are even on the rise…
The new cholesterol guidelines from The American Heart Association would result in half of all people over age 40 taking statins, and 87% of men over age 60.  
Did Big Pharma help The American Heart Association arrive at these new guidelines? Let’s follow the money…
Lipitor, made by Pfizer, is the most successful drug of all time, pulling in $13.3 billion in total sales in one year.
According to some sources, Crestor, whose study claimed to prevent heart disease in healthy people but actually caused more fatal heart attacks than the placebo, has recently become the #2 top selling drug. It pulled in $6 billion last year alone.
All together, statins are among the most successful drugs in Big Pharma’s history. Do you think those massive profits bought influence? Consider this…

Universities with medical research departments routinely receive large grants from Big Pharma. The same is true for medical schools.
Many doctors are paid to lend their names to drug company sponsored studies, or to speak at industry sponsored educational seminars. Big Pharma spends nearly 50% more money on Washington lobbyists than any other industry, paying 1,320 registered lobbyists in 2015. That’s three drug lobbyists for every U.S. Congressman.

Get the facts, save your heart and your life

That is Joe Zagami’s report on statins and he is trying to sell stuff about modern myths about medications and I have no objection to that. Chimes Media is not getting any back-handers from him or his organization and nor have we asked for anything. However, I would recommend a subscription if only to get fuller details about drugs your unlikely to be warned about from elsewhere.

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Public post
It is one thing to be partisan but completely dishonest to lie unless you are at war. So is Google at war with Trump and against the people, not just of the US, but of all people across the world who want decency and prosperity for their families and their communities?
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Title IX – Yet Another Obama Legacy that screwed things up

The persecution of young men on college campuses across the US due to the application or Title IX rules has been unprecedented and relentless. Many hundreds of mainly young men have faced kangaroo court justice and had their hopes and dreams shattered by the power of a woman's accusation. 
If you have committed a sexual offence then it should be a police matter and not the job of unqualified and, often prejudicial, college administrators to investigate and assess the merits of each case. 
The Obama administration created a radical feminist wet dream whereby mainly male students were shockingly denied due process and suffered expulsion and the ruination of their ambitions. Consequently, many hundreds have sued to claim huge sums of compensation for discrimination. Court battles are expensive and for every young man that has taken them on, there will be about 20 others who cannot afford to do so. 
Accusations should be listened to and not automatically be believed.
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A New Hope for UK?

Mentioned in the chat: Mark Dice, UK Ambassador, Jeremy Hunt, Gulf tankers, official piracy, EU Laws, UK embarrassment, Iran, UK bad policies, Boris Johnson, Penny Mordaunt, You Tube censorship,

UK - Iranian Tanker problem  

Two British tankers, the Stena Impero and the Mesdar were intercepted by Iranian forces in mid July. Only the Mesdar was permitted to continue its journey after a short while. The Stena Impero remains under Iranian control with reportedly 23 crew members on board. 
These interceptions occurred following the seizure of a Liberian registered vessel on 4th July off of Gibraltar after it was alleged to be breaking EU Laws. The vessel was carrying a consignment of Iranian oil to Syria.
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Carbon Debt Insanity

Sky News did a short documentary recently to claim that the UK has a Carbon Debt. 
In spite of the benefits brought to the world by the Industrial Revolution and its aftermath, Britain initiated the process that has irreversibly changed the world. 
Sky produced evocative pillars showing towering carbon debt skyscrapers. The model was created by us and copied by other nations around the world, most notably the USA. Nevertheless, we are responsible because we started it. 
The debt was not given a currency, but that was not the point. It was an apparent attempt to make us feel ashamed of what we had done as a people. It is not that we revolutionized trade, invented amazing things, and opened up the world’s secrets to the scrutiny of science and, actually ended slavery. It is not that we should be proud that many millions have been prevented from starving to death, or dying of plague, or given hope for a better life. No, we should hang our heads in shame for …. for what? It is because our efforts have destroyed the Earth. This charge is not like an accusation of genocide, but worse – It is Globacide. (New word).
How about all those who have benefited (which is just about everyone) hand back everything they have ever bought? They should not use any transport. We should walk everywhere, no matter how far. We should only wear clothes and shoes that we have made. We should grow our own food and eat only that, except for that we exchange with our neighbours. 
BUT, that is not all, these globalist alarmists (aka tyrants) let slip every now and again by saying there are too many humans. It means, they would not be satisfied with returning us to the Stone Age. They want most of us dead. I have a suggestion to them: You first.

Chimes Media is viewer funded. If you would be kind enough to help out please subscribe and donate here.

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Brexit Latest Opinion Poll & Rise of Tyranny

In spite of the relentless bombardment on Brexit by Fake News sites such as the BBC and the constant multi-vector attack on stopping it happening by any and all means, the latest YouGov poll shows more people favour Brexit than at the 2016 referendum.

Globalists are encountering determined resistance to their plans to replace their own populations and seize total control. They want to make their Utopian vision come to pass, but what they will get is a totalitarian nightmare. Already, they are getting ever more ruthless and brutal to suppress the people they are meant to care for. Look at France, Macron’s police are deliberately violent. Their actions are maiming people, ordinary people who are facing an unacceptably nihilistic future.
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Happiness and Unhappiness

I go to all sorts of talks and discussions in and around my home city of Portsmouth, UK.
One such one was a lecture and Q & A about happiness. It started with a trying to define what happiness is.
What was decided on was this collection: Happiness is Subjective wellbeing; Joy, contentment, positive emotions; Deep sense of flourishing from a healthy mind. 
Of course the chemical processes that go into creating a sense of wellbeing could be elaborated on. I thought about this and wondered whether getting a series of dopamine hits from an addictive habit constitute happiness? Technically the answer could be “yes”. Dopamine is produced naturally in the body and is considered to be a reward drug. 
The audience of about 60 were asked whether if there was a happiness drug (with no unpleasant side effects) should everyone take it and make the world a better and happier place? There were probably about 4 hands that went up in favour.

Some would say that we should happy as much of the time as possible. A few think there should be a drug made available to achieve that. However, unhappiness is what gets us to react to threatening situations. It is what drives our actions and by doing so can lead to a happier and safer world. It is dystopian to want permanent happiness.
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Galloway, Ewan Jones, Climate Fear - Our Orwellian Future

It is we minnows with no voice who are being bullied and purged out of existence and denied a right to be heard. It is a form of class warfare. Truth has already been decided for us and we need to shut up and get in line.

I abhor bullying. The censorship and purge of You Tube is just that. It is a large corporate entity picking on minnows who have virtually no voice. We have no opinion other than what has been decided for us. Arrogant and morally corrupt, it is not unlike the aristocrats of the Middle Ages suppressing dissenting peasants and thus is on a par with racism.

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Contest to be Prime Minister – Round 2

Matt Hancock dropped out a few days before the second ballot by Conservative MPs. His loose votes, combined with the votes of the three candidates who lost after the first round, meant there were 50 votes up for grabs.
Boris Johnson gained 12 of those. Jeremy Hunt gained 3; Michael Gove 4, and Dominic Rhab 3. Rory Stewart did best with a gain of 18 to move him up to 4th in the race. Meanwhile, Sajid Javid picked up 10 which meant he just reached the 33 vote threshold.
Unfortunately, Dominic Raab was eliminated.
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BANNED DOCUMENTARY: Europa – The Last Battle Part 1

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BANNED DOCUMENTARY: Europa – The Last Battle Part 1

The video was banned by You Tube which I regard as an indictment of You Tube against truth and real history. Watching it did not make me hate Jews. Instead, it made me oppositional against evil. The horrors that so many have suffered at the hands of Far Left pathology should never be forgotten nor forgiven. 
We should demand that true education that exposes the terrors of Marxist- Communism and its grievance culture spin-offs should be exposed. We should not be silenced for trying to tell how the blood of so many was spilled by those who have signed up to do evil in the name of purity and good. Evil is not just about killing, it is about inflicting suffering and forcing submission to that suffering.

As part of the strategy to shut down free speech and open dialogue this video was taken down and a strike given to my channel by You Tube (owned by Google which is owned by Alphabet) 

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D-Day 75th Anniversary A Riff-Raff Perspective

The cooperation between nations; between different economic and social groups; and different individuals with different abilities and talents can only be described as awesome. The effort and creativity that went into making the largest and most technologically advanced amphibious landing (in complete secrecy) the success that it was is difficult to grasp without studying what was involved. However, of all the efforts and planning and preparation, it would not have worked without the incredible courage of those soldiers who had to do land and push back a determined enemy. 
It was an emotional experience to be able to reflect on the sacrifices and huge personal risks that the invasion forces took. It is a lesson in history we should never forget. 
The event at Portsmouth was enjoyable and humbling and went off peacefully, but I was left angry and disappointed by the idiotic protesters who could not put aside their own pathological contempt just for one day and commemorate true heroism like the rest of us. 
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Cygnet Training Day. 

How nature's families behave.

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Masked Muslim thugs were brought in from outside areas and escorted for miles to attack Tommy Robinson's rally in Oldham. One policeman called them counter protesters and pretended not to know who they were in spite of them shout Alla Akbar. The UK is a dying society and the corrupt elites are killing it. 


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Why Socrates Hated Democracy

We’re used to thinking hugely well of democracy. But interestingly, one of the wisest people who ever lived, Socrates, had deep suspicions of it. Democracy leads to demagoguery. 
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UK politics seems to be going through a seismic event with the approaching EU Elections. The ones we were not supposed to be in. The main political parties support is collapsing spectacularly as people are turning on the political class due to their epic betrayal (aided and abetted by their bosom buddies the Mainstream Media)
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Public post

The Most Corrupt UK Government

This UK Government has got to be the most corrupt of its kind in modern times. 

The UK Government has been colluding with social media giants like Twitter and Facebook to remove Tommy Robinson from all platforms of communication with the public. They held on to this intention for a retrial for contempt of court for 5 months. This delay is more than a little ironic as it coincides with Tommy Robinson (Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) campaign to be elected to the European Union Parliament. 

The UK’s legal puppets have now scheduled his full trial to 4th June which should be the day he enters the parliament and gets sworn in as a Member. 
His charge is that he caused anxiety to a convicted paedophile by talking to him while outside Leeds Crown Court. This paedophile is Muslim, along with several other of his male friends who engaged in systematic rape of white underage girls on an industrial scale. These disgusting crimes went on for many years and neither the police nor the local authorities did anything to intervene. 

Notably, the local authority was Labour controlled and, it took many years before the media ever reported on these atrocities. By the time it got a mention, the number of victims had run into several thousands and some of these cases involved murder and forced slavery too.
It should also be pointed out that Sikh girls had also been targeted by Muslim paedophiles, so when people took to the streets, Sikhs were very supportive. 
For starters (see if you can add to these)
1)    Highly censorious – working with media and big tech to curtail freedom of speech.
2)    Malicious prosecutions of targeted individuals e.g. Tommy Robinson and Count Dankula, plus many thousands of ordinary citizens who say the wrong things, such as miss gendering someone. 
3)    Ignoring legal process – Tommy Robinson arrested convicted and sentenced in hours without a proper defence or a trial. 
4)    Illegal detention of Julian Assange
5)    Engaging in nefarious activities to interfere with the 2016 US Presidential elections.
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Elections that were Never Meant to Happen

There are 73 UK MEPs. Other EU member states also elect MEPs from their countries. EU Elections take place every 5 years and the next elections are due to be held on 23rd May 2019. 
The UK is divided into 12 electoral regions made up of the nations and regions of the UK. It should be pointed out that the UK was not intended to be taking part due to it having been anticipated that they would no longer be a part of the EU. The UK Government has failed to deliver on their promise to the British electorate. Consequently, the elections are being held. 
There are a number of issues that the main political parties seem out of step with their electorate on. These are just 3 issues:
1)    Brexit is one; 
2)    Mass immigration from countries with opposing ideological and cultural beliefs
3)    The blatant attack on freedom of speech and opinion that does not meet the standard deemed acceptable by the ruling elites.  
The British are slow to anger, but push enough buttons and they will rise up. These EU elections are an opportunity for them to let the elites know that their time is running out.
I am very concerned that there is a deeper divide in our society than ever. To me, it is between the red pilled awake and the zombified slave-minded who have bought the propaganda and indoctrination that has been pumped out in all forms of media. 
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Working Class Hero, Tommy Robinson ATTACKED on campaign trail

Selective Justice is no justice at all.

Most people see and treat Tommy Robinson for what and who he is – a very brave working class man trying to tell the truth, but the first part of this video shows how corrupt and wicked some people have become. It is truly sickening to see.

The elites know what is going on. The police know what is going on. They are totally freaked out cowards and refuse to uphold the law when Muslims and Lefties are the aggressors. If you are not one of them (which Tommy is not) then you are lower than an insect and it's okay for violence to be visited upon you and anyone who likes you. Britain USED to be Great, but it is no more.

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President Trump State Visit

Jeremy Corbyn has said he will not attend the state banquet for Donald Trump when the US president makes his long-awaited state visit to the UK in June.

The Labour leader said Prime Minister Theresa May was wrong to “kowtow” to a president who tore up international treaties and used “racist and misogynist rhetoric”. This is somewhat hypocritical of the socialist leader whose party is currently steeped in antisemitism issues and has a record of marginalizing Party members who raise concerns about the rape of thousands of underage white and Sikh girls. Remarkable too is how Labour’s feminist contingent are relatively silent or tend to blame ALL men for these atrocities.

It is also noticeable how many thug activists, currently associated with the Far Left now engage in harassment and violent acts against people they disagree with.

Socialist parties hold a globalist agenda that seeks to treat the world population as if it were one big village. It is another Utopian pipedream doomed to be a disaster just like all their other utopias that killed many millions of people. While objecting to the policies and character of Donald Trump who shows great courage in standing up to bullies and their corruption, these political pigmies are content to hand over large sums of tax payers money to regimes with atrocious human rights records particularly if they happen to be Islamic.

The socialist parties try to convey self-righteousness when spending money that is not theirs. All done while narcissistic arrogance. They cannot bring themselves to recognize the unprecedented success of the Trump administration which has achieved record levels of unemployment that has lifted thousands of Black and Hispanic families out of poverty and despair and given them real hope. Hardly the behaviour of a racist. The Trump formula has dramatically turned around the US economy from abject decline into a powerhouse of industry and wealth generation. It has also made the US energy self sufficient and dependent on nobody for their needs.

Elsewhere, his actions concerning Korea have brought the opposing sides together for the first time in 70 years. He has called the bluff on Climate Change hysteria that suspiciously looks like a wealth transfer grab to make the super-rich even wealthier while scaring little children by telling them they have only 12 years to live.

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The decision by the British electorate on 23rd June 2016 to vote to leave the EU has exposed to the world how dishonourable the Honourable members of her Majesty’s Government are. The pro-EU media and elites bombardment of the public and the systematic manipulation of young minds by Marxian teachers and college professors were not enough to prevent 17.4 million people voting to try to get their country back. It is now nearly 3 years since that historic referendum and globalist propaganda to reverse the outcome has been relentless. Talk about dragging stubborn mules! In spite of promises that we are going to leave and in spite of Brexit being law, Britain has got to have the worst Prime Minister in history. Theresa May stinks of incompetence unless it is her full intention to stop Brexit through the appearance of incompetence.

What is kind of sinister and, not a little suspicious, is Nigel Farage’s return to the fray under the guise that he is going to rescue Brexit from the veil of death that is slipping over it. There was an opportunity for him to have rejoined UKIP and to challenge Gerard Batten for the leadership, but instead he started to sling insults and false claims of racism. It is ironic that he is using the same pejorative terms as were used against him when he was in charge of UKIP. He ought to know better. Why has he sought to antagonize his old comrades in arms?

Farage then goes off to create another party, the Brexit Party, that can only divide the vote and serve to severely weaken the Brexit cause. Is this part of the plan to divide the Brexit vote so that it fails? Has Farage turned double agent?

Why are the London papers generally in support of his venture when they were completely hostile before? Could it be that they are actually afraid of the return to the scene of UKIP under Gerard Batten’s effective leadership?

Farage left UKIP heading into bankruptcy, but it was Gerard Batten who turned the economics around. Mr. Batten weathered the storms of electoral collapse. UKIP is experiencing a resurgence in support with thousands more people joining the Party. It is an organized force with a decent selection of loyalists among its members. The Brexit Party does not seem to have any members. Instead, it has subscribers as if it is more like a You Tube channel rather than a political party. It’s just strange how he has also said he is after Conservative voters. Are Labour voters not worth winning over or could it be that UKIP has a greater understanding of working class voters than any of the parties intending to stand in the EU Elections to come?

To add to the suspicions, the Far Left group Hope Not Hate, who seem to be good at hating those they don’t like, have declared they will not be harassing and campaigning against Farage and the Brexit Party. Is this further evidence that Nigel Farage sold his soul to the devil? Has he decided to line his pockets in whatever way he fancies? There are just too many odd things that suggest that Nigel Farage may just have turned to the Dark Side.

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Cultural Annihilation of France 875 churches in France have been targeted in the last year alone. French journalist Maxime Lepante warns that France’s history is “in the process of burning down” as a result of two churches being vandalized every day and that political and religious leaders don’t “give a f*ck.”

Lepante highlighted recently released statistics that show there were 1062 anti-Christian acts in 2018, compared to just 100 anti-Muslim acts. Throughout 2018, no less than 875 churches in France were targeted.

“Two churches were vandalized per day,” said Lepante, adding, “This government, this regime….including the Pope, including the cardinals, shut their mouth, say nothing when our churches are being vandalized, and in contrast, the minute there is a mosque that has a pot of pork sausage in front of it, there’s immediately arrest and prison for the person who did it….apologies from the whole of France, the stigmatization of racism and so on, it’s an absolutely unbearable double standard!”

Lepante then pointed out that the Notre Dame cathedral was vandalized a few years ago by feminist protesters who sprayed urine everywhere and that the left’s response was to laugh while the perpetrators were acquitted.

The journalist then cited the story of how a Pakistani migrant who had only been in the country two months caused “extensive damage” to the Basilica of Saint-Denis in Paris.

“I would like to remind you that in the week March 12th-19th, twelve French churches were vandalized,” said Lepante, before citing several examples of how leading leftist figures in France have openly called for the destruction of Paris’ historical buildings and monuments and how political leaders don’t “give a f*ck” about the situation.

“The situation is grave, the situation is scandalous, it’s the pride of our history that is in the process of burning down,” said Lepante.

Meanwhile the hatred is expressed by the Muslim world and the Far Left. Here are a few examples:

Turkish Newspaper Celebrates Notre Dame Fire as Retribution For France’s Recognition of Armenian Genocide

“The famous cathedral of France up in flames. The curse of Turkey is fulfilled,” read the headline. The Armenian Genocide, which began in April 1915, led to the systematic extermination of 1.5 million Armenians by the Ottoman government. So Genocide is okay according to these people? I should point out that since the creation of Islam 270 million Kafirs (i.e. non-Muslims) have been butchered and this is acceptable under Islamic law. That is why we should fear and resist Islamification of our societies and people need to wake up to what Islam means. It is the religion of submission.

French Student Leader: “I Swear to Allah We Don’t Give a Rat’s Ass” About Notre Dame… I don’t give a damn about the history of France”. Swedish leftist journalist Alex Schulman reacted to the Notre Dame fire with the word “finally,” alongside a series of crying with laughter emojis.

Schulman writes for Expressen, a liberal daily newspaper in Sweden. Ironically, he previously wrote a piece mourning the loss of dignity and decency in how people treat each other.

Elitist Architects Want Notre Dame Rebuilt to Reflect New Globalist France “Its burning feels like an act of liberation”.

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Assange: The Last Great Journalist

Loved and hated in equal measure due to his embarrassing revelations affecting some powerful people and regimes. Is Julian Assange the last great journalist? Will he go down as a martyr for openness and truth or be condemned as a traitor and a knave?

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Islamophilia and Cultural Annihilation

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