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Paradigm shifting YouTube video documentaries, shows, interviews, and more - focusing on new ideologies, classical, modern, and post-modern philosophy - coming from one of the world's most censored independent research centers
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You see we are doing something, and probably support a number of other projects, and find ours to be a worthwhile inclusion, in pursuit of a broad debate. Thanks!

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You appreciate the content we produce, and would like to see it continue. You see that what we are doing is unique and you want to make sure that more can see it. You might share some of your favorite videos and more on social media. We dearly appreciate it. Gain our trust for a few months, and we'll share with you our real story in our unlisted, private video.

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You support what we do, and get the fact that in supporting our important work, you make not only this, but also much more possible. You've been debriefed on our story and see now that we are among the most exciting - and yes also targeted - projects around today.

Now you see we are actually a cause: you get our core ideas, and know they must be supported. You've been initiated into the fact that the Academy, knowledge, and man's interaction with information is changing rapidly and requires your support to see it develop in the right direction.

For you:

You're now trusted, and in no time will gain access to unlisted/private videos that delve deeper into what we face, and what we're up against, and how we've revolutionized the discourse in the 21st century.

You'll get to pose questions and we'll make, at the very least, an unlisted/private audio response. If we think the question is great, we might make a video for everyone based on it. If you believe more people need to hear the answers to more of your questions in a fuller presentation, you may just join our Vanguard.

We'll send you some gifts via mail on occasion also, because from now on, we'll support each other

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You know that the Center for Syncretic Studies is changing the paradigm and setting the debate in multiple fields from geopolitics, philosophy, history, and religion.

You have decided to take the lead and be in the Vanguard of our supporters, and are deeply invested in our narrative and our mission.

You also realize that because of adpocalypse and patreon purges, CSS are a proven danger to the enemies of free and open discourse. You appreciate our materials, beyond YouTube, and are an avid reader of our daily online newspaper, Fort Russ.

Because you get that it's important to take man's relationship with knowledge in a new direction, you're helping to take a lead in this project by giving us research and presentation subjects to produce videos or articles on, and helping us with the materials to present it.

For you: Everything a supporter receives, plus ...

We'll be sending gifts semi-regularly via mail, including printed materials like our Extra-Academic Peer Reviewed Journal, T-Shirts, and CSS gear. These are items we retail out separately by themselves for the same value as a month's subscription.

You'll have access to the Director's skype and email (don't abuse this) to pose the occasional question in real time.

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Center for Syncretic Studies
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Welcome to the dawn of the next age in knowledge
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