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Welcome to my page everyone. I will be submitting art and excerpts from my publications. My goal is to raise enough money contentiously to convert my novels into manga, have them translated into various languages, and so forth. If you would like to check out my art, or see my authors face book page please look at the links below:



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Readers corner

In this tier I'll be posting up bits of the novels which are in progress, as well as poetry, and of course art bits.

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Brainstorming section

This section has of course all of the above works, but I will be listening specifically to your feed back and might incorporate some of your ideas into the books I am working on. Tell me what you think, how it could be better, what character would you like to see, and so forth.

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  • I will be posting up first looks at art that will be published on fine art america.

This is part of the portfolio from Afghanistan and war that I am working on currently.

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To put things simply, translations fee's for a work that is about 100,000 words costs between 4,000 to 8,000 per language. Yes, I think it's unreasonable, but that's how it is. Converting written work into manga is approximately 800 to 1200 per chapter, this is mostly determined by how many drawn pages will be required per chapter. Since I am working on multiple books, and would like them to be available to everyone and have a representation with in the manga community then my goal is as thus, though, honestly i might be underestimating it all. On a side note, I am also rewriting and compiling fairy tales and legends from around the world, and would like those converted as well. So, a lot to do, and hoping to gain the money to do it.

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