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Internationally acclaimed Psytrance producer with a rich musical background and a unique way of teaching. If you want to improve your production skills or learn how to become a professional artist in the game then here is the right place.
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Welcome to my SubscribeStar. I am looking forward to be hearing from you. Please hit me up if you have any questions.

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The Observer

Get access to all my posts. Feel free to ask me any question and i will respond as quickly as possible.

per month
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The Curious

Constructive feedback on your tracks (max 2 per month). Ask me any question. Your question has priority + My eternal gratitude

per month
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The Producer

All of the above + Access to selected samples from my personal library and projects to use in your productions. New audio files will be in rotation regularly so don't miss a month + My eternal gratitude

per month
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The Finalizer

All of the above + I am mastering your track (1 track per month) + My eternal gratitude

per month
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The Engineer

All of the above + I am stem mixing and mastering of one of your tracks (1 per month) + My eternal gratitude

per month
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The Professional

All of the above + Full support and mentorship on your musical journey (i help you finishing your songs and getting them ready for the big stages, tips for marketing and artist development and how to play the game) + Customized song starters + My eternal gratitude



  • Full access to my content
  • Contact me directly
  • Powerful quick tips to kick-start your productions
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