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We make videos such as Lore, Let's plays and Streams. We are also developing our own game!
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I've uploaded the Wallpaper to the Discord server in the #sexysqeks tab under the Bickering Bunch category!

Be sure to check it out!
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BickeringBunch Update dm me for question!

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❤️ ~ Early Access to Lore and Lp's (Including the Back Log!)

❤️ ~ SneakSqeks of upcoming developments IE Videos, Lore and more!

❤️ ~ Voting on Lp's and Streams



  • Early Access to Lore!
  • Access to the Yearly Back Log! (Pre-recorded let's plays month in advance!)
  • Voting (Streams and Let's Plays) and even Sneak Sqeks on upcoming stuff! ;3

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