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Art of Elijah Gomez
Art of Elijah Gomez
Hello! I am a horror artist and illustrator, with a B.A. in graphic design and illustration. If you would like to learn my techniques please become a subscriber, anything is greatly appreciated.
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Thank You
  1. Updated on new art content.
  2. Instructional speed drawing videos.
  3. Shout out thank you on YouTube videos.
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Exclusive Art Content Info
  1. Receive new information on exclusive art content on my website and social media.
  2. Instructional Videos SusbscibeStar and YouTube live streaming.
  3. Access to works in progress through Email. With written commentary.
  4. Includes all from $2 Tier.
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Shout Out
  1. Receive info on exclusive art content on my website and social media.
  2. Special shout outs on my youtube instructional speed art videos.
  3. Shout outs on YouTube and links to your channel in the description.
  4. Including all others at lower tiers.
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Art Critique
  1. Receive exclusive discount codes for purchases done on my website.
  2. Shout outs on my youtube speed art instructional videos.
  3. Youtube Channel endorsements of your own youtube channels with links in the description.
  4. Critique and review any artwork of your own you send me, to help you improve your work.
  5. Includes all from lower tiers.
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The Sanctum
  1. VIP Membership packet from The Sanctum from my website.
  2. Make art requests, of your favorite horror characters.
  3. Join me on Discord, for a live Q&A Chat.
  4. Enter to win contests every 6 months for original signed art valued at this tier.
  5. Everything from lower tiers.
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VIP Draw With Me!
  1. Signed physical random sketch cards mailed every month.
  2. Have the opportunity to draw with me on Livestream. I will pick a subject or you can pick one and we will draw together. I will go over the process and teach my techniques.
  3. Submit your artwork for review, critiques, and if you choose I can post them to my social media sites AND on my website. *IF REQUESTED.
  4. Shout outs on ALL my social media accounts, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and my personal Website, with links to your social media sites. *IF REQUESTED.
  5. Instructional chats and Livestream on Discord and Twitch. (Livestreams on Twitch will be on Mondays, once a month.)
  6. Enter to win prizes of original signed art valued at this tier every 6 months.
  7. All other tiers are included with this tier.


  • The higher the tier the more personal time you get with me to learn my art techniques and more physical merchandise.

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Art supplies are expensive and since I am a freelance artist, your support helps me out! I am planning on creating tee shirts with my art, and offer more physical products for all tiers of subscribers, and this would benefit all of us. Thank you for your support!


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