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I make YouTube videos about H.P. Lovecraft, the Lovecraft Mythos, weird fiction, cosmic horror, and everything relating to that.
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You're a degenerate cultist who lives in Louisiana swamp. Iä Iä!! Pay $1 penalty for disturbing the peace with your rituals.

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Deep One

You will never die but you stink of fish. Deodorant bill drains your savings account. Pay $2 fine for turning Innsmouth into a sh!th0l€.

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Elder Thing

Your race created humanity. Thus you are to blame for the absolute state of society today. Pay $5 penalty to help combat ennui.

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Great Old One

You're the nameless, blasphemous horror the Old Gentleman wrote about. No wonder you like this channel. Pay $10 for my psychiatric bills.

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  • I will NEVER monetize my content. All content I make is free for all and to benefit the Mythos. This SubscribeStar page does NOT have any hidden content! It's merely for those who'd like to send a couple bucks my way & support my rum/reading habit!

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