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Subscription Tiers

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Supporter Squad - Support The Channel!

Thank you! We reactors literally make $0 from reactions so you are directly supporting the future of this channel. So once again, THANK YOU! On this tier you will receive:

1) Access to the exclusive discord channel.

2) Share suggestions for monthly themes and other ideas!

Make a Discord account then link Subscribestar & Discord to get access to perks. Discord Link |

0 subscribers    Supporter Squad
per month
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Bronze - Exclusive Album Reactions

In addition to all previous perks you will receive:

1) UNCUT ALBUM REACTIONS & early access!

2) Exclusive monthly LIVESTREAM AND Q&A!

3) Voting polls to choose what albums, artists, and monthly themes we feature on the channel!

4) Podcast Questions: I will choose my favourite questions to ask my guests.

5) All blocked YouTube videos.

*This tier is for VOTING, if you want to REQUEST songs join the GOLD TIER below!

0 subscribers    Bronze ; Supporter Squad
per month
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Silver - Shout Outs!

In addition to all previous perks you will receive:

1) Shout out in the description of every video.

*All names will appear in the description a couple weeks after joining.

0 subscribers    Bronze ; Supporter Squad
per month
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Gold - Song Requests!

In addition to all previous perks you will receive:

1) Request songs for our "Supporter Saturday/Sunday" reactions! (ANY song)!

2) Weekly song suggestions: Suggest up to 14 SONGS A WEEK!

3) Weekly artist suggestions: Offer suggestions for returning artists.

*Song Requests: Initial requests will be placed in a queue and done by order of membership. All subsequent requests are picked at random for our song request raffle. Once all are chosen the queue will reset. Eligible while subscribed.

**Song Suggestions: I will come to you for song suggestions from artists I choose.

0 subscribers    Bronze ; Gold ; Supporter Squad
per month
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Diamond - Album Requests!

1) Request albums for our album of the month!

2) The chance to be brought forward during our monthly livestreams to chat with me about anything on your mind!

  • Think of this like calling in to a radio show! We can talk music, your favourite reactions, songs you want to request, the reaction business, etc.
Limited (0 out of 6) subscriptions
Bronze ; Gold ; Diamond ; Supporter Squad
per month
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Chrome - Fast Tracked Requests!

In addition to all previous perks you will receive:

1) Have your song request fast tracked to the front of the song request queue.*

2) Monthly live one-on-one with me via zoom.**

*1 fast track per month

**Each individual session is 30m. Monthly one-on-ones will be discontinued on Jan 1, 2022.

Limited (0 out of 4) subscriptions
Bronze ; Gold ; Diamond ; Chrome ; Supporter Squad


  • Uncut Album Reactions!
  • Exclusive Livestreams!
  • Song Requests and Album Requests!

The subscription gives you:
  • Full, unlimited access to Star's profile content - to view it online or to download it to future use.
  • Support your Star by contributing – one-time or recurring.
  • You can cancel this subscription at any time.
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