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Angela Woolsey
I’m a self-taught seamstress with 30+ yrs of experience. I want to enable people to be able to alter or make their own clothing, make handmade gifts and to inspire them to work with their hands and create beautiful things.
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Angela Woolsey

Hello Subscribers and future subscribers! Thank you for coming by and checking out my subscribe star page. I'm really new at this, so it will take a minute for me to figure this whole thing out, but I'm excited to get started on meeting new people, answering questions and posting my videos. Yes, even my more embarrassing less-edited versions! So, choose your tier and lets get started! I'll see you on the inside!

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With this tier, you'll get credit at the end of each video and access to more detailed videos of the tutorials on Youtube.

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In this tier, you will get credit at the end of my videos, more detailed versions of my YouTube videos, as well as a monthly 30 minute live Q and A. session



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