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Hi, I'm Adam. Welcome to my den.
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  • The Den is a one-man-show. This little keeps me going.
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Adam's First Livestream: Best Movies of 2021?

I just did the Den's very first #Livestream! Obviously, I was completely unprepared, which means: Guaranteed Boomer blunders galore 😎👍 
On this one, we go over what's on the horizon for upcoming #movie releases and the occasional, inevitable rant!
This was pretty spur of the moment, but I'll announce the next ones in advance... I think   Hope you enjoy this one, nonetheless, I promise it was done with love.
#adamsden #movies #premieres #film #popculture #hollywood #comingsoon #covid #sylvesterstallone #willemdafoe #classicmovies #oldmovies #newmovies #review #moviereview
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