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Mr. Original
If there's three things I enjoy in life; it's music, games, and coding. Among other things, I like working with music and getting myself into various games. And I definitely enjoy it more when I know others do too.
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Red X

"Be sure to like, share, and subscr─ oh wait, wrong site... oops. Uh, my brother will personally thank you for your support! (Believe me, it means the world to him.)"

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Blue Star

"I make all of my brother's video thumbnails. So if you liked any of them, I'll leave them posted on this site for you! And stick around; you might like some of the art I make on the side. Download it, make it your wallpaper, do whatever you want with it! (LOL, you like this selfie I drew? 😁)"

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Arthur Morovum

"My friend'll give a shoutout to everyone here in his future videos, in movie credit style... my favorite."

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"Here, I keep track of every game that we've ever been in. You can play them too, if you like!"

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"Well, hello there. Here, you will have early access to posts and content sneak peaks. Not to mention exclusive videos that only you beautiful guys and gals at or above this tier can see.

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Mr. Original

"Have you ever wished you were in a game? I know I have! Feel free to contact me, and I'll put you in any NES game of your choice! (Hopefully I'll be able to edit games for other systems in the future.)"

Games not your thing? I'll make a music video with a song of your choice just for you! (Try to keep it clean please...)

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