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Subscription Tiers

per month
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Tossin a coin

Chippin in and helpin out. Thanks!

per month
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Coffee Donor

Helping more and providing a coffee

A heroic tier, many thanks.

per month
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Gamer Plus

You're getting a custom game themed mug once a year. Every year it'll be different, if there's any extras they'll be auctioned off for charity.

Your name gets listed in credits.

Perfect for any gamer's desk or shelf.

per month
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Steel Level

Upgrading the mug to a tumbler (since a steel mug isn't practical) with a custom design/logo on it

Your name gets listed in the credits above previous tiers.

Verbal credit fir this tier and higher

per month
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Bronze Membership

Everything from previous tiers, plus some extras. I'll be looking into things like hats and shirts.

Listed in credits, and a shout out.

per month
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Silver Member

Everything from previous tiers, some extra goodies (you can request to be more gamer or car oriented, default is mix) which will probably change year to year. I'll definitely be listening to suggestions to make it something special.

Hopefully, silver mugs.

per month
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Gold Pro

Everything from previous, and hopefully a gold mug. Of course, some bigger bonus which would be different every year and definitely unique.



  • Access to a private telegram link for a more interactive experience, where discussion can take place, and hints of any future projects
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