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White over Blue, the Novel
White over Blue, the Novel
The exhausted God of Nirvan collapsed on her tri-colour visage. The 3 continents separated, and the broken body of God turned to Atos. Now, when Airuos pray, the atos will obey their prayers.
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Above all, thank you! Your support will allow me to work in this 1000+ page novel as a full time job. Respek! Your 5 dollars allows you to: -gain access to the White Over Blue Official server's premium channels -get sneak peeks at what I'm writing -ask me questions about the world I'm creating



  • Creatures called "airuos," with long ears, noses, and tails. They come in 3 main colours and 3 mixed races
  • Airuos control a magical particle called "atos" through prayers
  • Their world is called "Nirvan," and its 3 continents are literally Red, Blue and Yellow
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White over Blue, the Novel

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White over Blue, the Novel
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