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Impact on all minds, hearts and hands is needed to live in a desirable Future by 2030. The "rocket" consists of 3 parts: Openmindrevolution, Bubblebuddy & Mylobby. Besides that-> let me entertain you. Love, Oliver aka. Wild_Mau5
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Simple: Behind the Scenes on everything

If you are interested in: #society #people #software #apps #economy #youtube #education #socialnetworks #progress #creativity #spirituality #drama #electronicmusic #musicvideos #entrepreneurship #startups #austria #europe #donations #crowdfunding #videogames #changingtheworld.... This Subscribe Star Page might be very cool for you.

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Q&A Session - monthly

Thank you so much for your generosity! Please post your questions here and once a month I will upload a video providing answers to them personally.

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Exclusive Surprises

You really believe in me. I can't provide you with anything more, than just a promise that I will surprise you regularly with exclusive posts no one else will ever see. Thank you so much!



  • All we can offer "behind the scenes" you will see here. This is about creating an educational platform, a social network and making donations smart. YOU MAKE THIS POSSIBLE! Learn more by watching the short Explainer videos below and get close connection to me and my electronicmusic/artistic persona Wild_Mau5. We highly appreciate your support!
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