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The New Scifi by A.A. Roi
The New Scifi by A.A. Roi
Hi, my name is Alan Alaric Roi, and a science fiction, fantasy and horror writer by trade.My works can be found on my website,
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Readers will be thanked on my website for their contribution to my goal of publishing my series full time.

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Patrons will have a novella or novel dedicated to them as long as they are a patron. And also will be thanked on my website.

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These supporters can suggest minor characters I can honor by including them in at least one novel, novella or ongoing series per year. They can also have a novel or novella dedicated to them as long as they are either a Nominator or a Patron as well as being thanked as a reader.

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These are supporters who I will write at least 6000 words per year of original fiction either as one or several complete short stories from either their ideas or of an exploration of my fictional worlds at their choosing. They also will be thanked as a reader and have the option of having a novel or novella dedicated to them or suggest a character for an novel or novella every year they maintain their subscription.

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  • More of what I can write and continue writing and publishing on my website for you to read.

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The New Scifi by A.A. Roi
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Greeting to all who enjoy some out-there Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror stories and series in a classic style that appreciates momentum in the story telling.  I'm looking forwards to carry you along on the ride with series like the post-apocalyiptic space opera, The Promethead,  High Fantasy mystery series, Journeys into the far reaches of space and time, and the weird realities just around the corner with Up in Space and Call it a Mission, and at the moment I'm working on a new series of fantasy adventures into the past that could have been in search of a certain magical  hammer.

Hope I can write you more of all of these stories and more!  With your help, I will be able to!  Check out this and more at my website,
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