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I help businesses and brands share their passions through content. I'm obsessed with Canva and other tools that simplify work and life.
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Hello, friend! Join to get full access to my free content.

Members-only chat to network and share experiences.

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In addition to the benefits of being a Friend...

  • Suggest a topic for a Canva tutorial.
  • If your topic is chosen, I'll send you the link of the design template I create that you can easily add to your Canva designs.

Wish Canva had chat support? This is your answer. Get members-only chat for support.

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In addition to the benefits of being a Friend & Follower...

  • Join me in a weekly live Zoom "ask me anything about Canva" group call.

Wish Canva had phone support? This is your answer! Perfect for business owners, entrepreneurs, social media managers, marketers, and marketing teams who want to upscale their Canva skills quickly.

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