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Here to minimize your suffering by gracefully defecating on your ears and eyes.
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Subscription Tiers

per month

You look pretty normal kid… we’ll see how long that lasts. At this tier, you get the main videos and access to the livestreams.

per month

Congratulations on your diagnosis! This prestigious tier permanently sets your name in stone. And by stone, I mean the credits of my videos. Pick a name and I'll write it there for you. You also get all previous benefits, as well as access to the stream archives and stream highlights.

per month

Have you taken your meds yet today? You get all the previous benefits, plus access to Side Order (behind the scenes series), and Tidbit (podcast series). You also get to put an image of your choice in the credits next to your name.

per month

Whoops! Looks like you went too far down the rabbit hole and came out with permanent brain damage. No worries, all of your special needs will be taken care of at this tier. You get all previous benefits, plus a coupon code for merch.

per month
Supreme Gentleman

Welcome to the high roller tier. You get all previous benefits, plus: the knowledge that you are singlehandedly bankrolling this insanity. I personally wouldn't want to have the guilt of being responsible for something so awful on my conscience, but to each their own.



  • $2.50: Main Videos - A tablet of insight with an aftertaste of amusement. Prohibited topics may be discussed, such as: how to not commit suicide. 100 episodes and counting.
  • $5: Soph’s Shortwave Telecoms - Livestreams in which I put my ear to the blessed terrain of this Earth so I can listen to your prayers and answer them forthrightly. | Stream Archives - Both new and old streams; amounts to almost 200 episodes.
  • $10: Side Order - Behind The Scenes Mess-Ups, Bloopers, and Bleepers! | Tidbit - Podcasts where we deeply discuss philosophy, politics, poop, and pee.

The subscription gives you:
  • Access to Star's profile content.
  • Ability to support your Star by contributing – one-time or recurring.
  • Means to reaching out to the Star directly via Instant Messenger.
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