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Toy reviews, video game livestreams, brick building livestreams, painting tutorials
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Sorry, I'm not clever with the tier names. Thank you so much for supporting what I do. Your name will go on the credits at the end of each review video!

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Still not clever with the names. This tier comes with the same deal as the silver, but I will try and do something special for you in the future. Still working on the details.

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  • Hi, I'm Rob. I create toy Reviews on YouTube, where I review brands like LEGO, Transformers, Mega Construx, Nerf and more, as well as host a livestream show called "Bricks and Bourbon", where I either put together a building set, or play a related video game, all while sipping whiskey and chatting with the audience!
  • Any support for the channel will be put towards purchasing items to review, paint or build on stream, as well as equipment upgrades.

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