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Youtube channel focusing on the best radio battles of the world. Historic audio edits and commentary on airway debates & fights.
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Versus Mancow

Many thanks for your support.

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Versus Bubba the Love Sponge

If you are feeling more generous, then a huge thank you.

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Versus Opie & Anthony

Wow, thank you, very generous of you. This really helps me take the time to make more content.

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Versus Don Imus

I am speechless. Thank you so much.

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Versus Howard Stern !!

I am your Gunga Din. Massive and huge thank you. I know I am not wasting my time now.



  • All tiers give the same, just a warm and fuzzy feeling to have helped out a radio war historian. Occasionally though I will post exclusives here not found on my public channel. THANK YOU !!

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