Ancient History of Ireland, Newgrange, Celts, Vikings

Ireland has a rich and fascinating ancient history; from the great megalithic structures of the Neolithic, like Newgrange, to the spectacular gold jewellery of the Indo-European Bell Beaker folk, the weapon hoards of the Irish Bronze Age, the enigmatic La Tene Celtic art of the Iron Age and the intricate knot-work of the Hiberno-Norse in the Irish Viking age. I look at all of these in this brief account of the history of Ireland, and then I discover a gothic castle called Knockdrinn, in which my ancestors lived, and which local people believe to be haunted. Finally, I read some spooky accounts of the ghostly creatures of the castle taken from the folklore collection at University College Dublin.

Music in order:

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Sean O’Rourke - The Swallowtail Jig
Sean O’Rourke - Contentment is Wealth
Xuri0us - Steppe Expansion
Storm King -  LOADVR nostalgia21986exp
Cefin Beorn - Hel Wese Thu Weda
Legionarii - Aristocracy
Sjohof - Path to the Temple
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Stark von Oben - The Labyrinth
Torulf  - Freja
Aethelruna - Gregorian Chant
Borg - Feast of the Victorious
GRIMRIK - Der astrale Ursprung (Teil I)


Bronze age irish woman and Celtic warlord by Christian Sloan Hall, Celtic charioteers by Alex Cristi, Manannán by Christopher Steininger, Bronze age map by Dan Kogosov

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