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After a long time of silence, work on the project is underway! @shoestrang_art and @onibakuman aka ibaku-tech (twitter/x) are proud to present our project Ibaku Curated Art! A long form video describing the project is available to subscribers as a post (has some nudity). The video shows the current basic layout of the website. Otherwise lets get onto it!

The Project
To begin with let's discuss what the actual project consists of. The purpose of this project is to create a website where NSFW artists can shine and show their art. The primary focus is going to be fully animated videos with audio along side with images. Currently there are very few channels for nsfw artists to share their work with the community and this project aims to fill that gap. Functionally we would like it to be similar to sites such as YouTube. However rather than immediately opening the flood gates to everyone we would like to curate which artists are present on the site.

Site Format

The format of the site will be similar to YouTube such that there will be channels (aka the curated artists) and users (consumers of art). Artists will be able to upload their content to their channel and the users will have a nice UI in order to consume said content. I (@onibakuman / ibaku-tech) will be the primary and currently sole developer code wise for the site. @Shoestrang_art is helping direct the project as well as creating assets for it. Together we are working as a team of two to make this dream a reality!

Our subscribers will be automatically joined to a discord where we will discuss updates and keep people up to date. Eventually once user accounts are implemented we will have a deployed version of the site for subscribers to use. And on this page we will post updates of the development as well. If you like what you see here consider supporting our cause. Lets show the world some juicy art!