Over the past two weeks, I've worked with many volunteers on setting up the organization that will enable our complaint to the FTC. This has been(still is) a fairly large undertaking. Originally when I announced on Dec 27th, that I will be filing a complaint, I thought that I will be doing this alone. I did not realize how many felt a personal responsibility to contribute to this cause.

Since that time, I've organized the project into five working groups including (1) legal research, (2) business research, (3) IT, (4) Content and (5) Admin. I've spoken by phone/skype to the majority of the volunteers and now I'm working on setting up small working groups around the tasks outlined in my original plan.

I've also been working on outlining the FTC complaint. After speaking with several volunteer lawyers and law students, I'll be dividing up the complaint into questions. Each lawyer/law student team will a small and manageable series of legal questions. We'll be work cooperatively on producing a single final product.

We'll that's the plan. It is somewhat of an experiment. Alone, I can do this, but it will take a long time. Together, we accomplish far more and in a shorter period of time. Can a group of individual across the globe crowd-source an effective complaint to the FTC?

Join us and help us defend free speech!