The Free Speech Club is SUING The UBC! Because The University Canceled Event CRITICIZING ANTIFA!! 

When bully’s attack you absolutely can not allow them to continue to walk all over you. Antifa are bullies who attacked a journalist named Andy Ngo while he was covering an event in Portland which has led to Andy giving talks about Antifa violence from first hand experience. Andy was invited by the Free Speech Club to give a talk at the University of British Columbia about Antifa violence when antifa themselves complained to the University about this event with the UBS deciding to cancel the event on behalf of Antifa! In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth is joined on the line by the executive directive of The Free Speech Club Angelo Isidorou about this outright violation of free speech and how they are now suing the UBC in a potentially precedent setting case that could outline the future of how these speaking events are carried out in the near future!