Investing and Personal Finance Live Stream Held on March 12, 2023: SVB, Bank Runs, Inflation, Interest Rates, Crypto, CBDC, Collapse and more [ASMR]

- Intro Video on CensorTube:
- CensorTube Introduction (0:00-16:08)
- Introduction and Salutations
- Food Experiment
- Julian Assange has been Taken out of the news cycle by corporate media, and the silence of the masses is vomit inducing (6:25-9:48)
- Humans vs NPCs
- CensorTube Introduction (15:04-16:08)
- Random Discussion about Live Streaming and Free Speech
- Censoring Words: Open World Games and It’s Not Over Until the Fat Lady Sings, a How to Teaching Math Story (18:59-25:37)
- What Is Calculus? (25:37-25:38)
- Tai Chi and Push Hands and Steven Seagal and Jean-Claude Van Damme and Little Guys Creating Chaos
- Bitcoin: Trading Crypto Through Centralized Nodes Defeats the Original Suppose of Cryto, Decentralization and Anonymity (34:02-36:49)
- Don’t Let Money Get to Your Head (38:20-39:14)
- Would You Invest in a Small Private Company? Make Sure There Is Positive Cash Flow, Minimal Debt & No Potential Break in Supply Chain (39:14-44:04)
- Invest Locally, Build Communities, Protect Yourself From Globalists, Woke Culture and WEF Puppets and Their Agenda (45:04-48:36)
- If You’re a Bureaucrat Working for the Government, You Need To Find a New Job (48:36-50:10)
- Bank Runs and Addiction to Cheap Money: Canadian Banks & Collapse of the Canadian Economy, War With China & Building a Slave Society (50:23-57:05)
- ChatGPT
- What Some People Did During the 2008 Finance Crisis: Walking Away From Your Mortgage and Buying the Same House Back After the Correction (59:51-1:04:47)
- Inflation & Rising Gas Prices: How To Free Ourselves From the Death Grip of WEF Puppets & Bureaucrats, Death of the Economy Through CBDC (1:04:51-1:08:52)
- More Ransom Discussion
- Asset Deflation or Hyper Inflation? Countries Need Strong Currencies When Going to War, Prepare for what is coming (1:18:42-1:22:38)
- US Dollar Is a Weapon, Must Be Supported: Collective West Collapsing & Gulags Are Build: Know Thy Enemy, the WEF Puppets Must Fall (1:24:29-1:30:01)
- Julian Assange Is a True Warrior & a Humanitarian: Assange Had Faith That the Masses Would Awaken, a Better Man Than I (1:31:12-1:33:29)
- Interest Rates and the Woke Agenda, Why SVB Collapsed: Silicon Valley Bank Run (1:33:29-1:45:07)
- More Random Discussion
- WEF's Plan Is Automation of Everything, Mass Depopulation (1:51:12-1:52:21)
- What Industries Will Prosper in the Coming Years (1:55:05-1:57:20)
PLAYLIST: Investing & Personal Finance
VIDEO: Silicon Valley Bank Collapse, What To Know: SVB Bonds, Interest Rates, Bank Runs & Colorful People