Six Short Video Segments: Conflicts, Geopolitics, Crimea, Sustainability, Clowns and Yes or No Questions

1) 40 Years of Conflict, United States vs Russia: Sphere of Influence vs Existential Threats
2) It Takes Time To Understand War & Geopolitics, Don’t Be a Tool for Imperialism & Centralized Power
3) Crimea, Stalin Drawing Lines on a Map: Waging War To Support Whims of Mass Murdering Dictators
CORRECTION:  Crimea was signed over by Khrushchev in1954, a year after Stalin's death (when he left office in 1953).
4) Topsoil & Fertilizer, Gardens & Raising Chickens: How to Live Sustainably
5) Greta Thunberg Is a World Economic Forum Clown, a WEF Puppet
Video on CensorTube: Video not available on CensorTube.

6) Humans Are Not Binary, Not Zeros & Ones, We Are Quantum Beings: Yes or No Questions Are loaded