mhmm... How exciting my first post on a new site and this is the best I can come up with. First for most I have a very dry sense of humor so you might miss when I make a joke. For everyone that sees this I want to thank you for just visiting. It really does mean a lot to me.

This whole "Youtube" thing is really just a hobby for me and I dont really have a set schedule when I post something. I do try to post once a week sometimes twice a week.. I do have a regular job that I make a good living on, but that also means that comes first. With out then I dont think I would be able to afford give this a try.

The most important thing for me is to be honest with myself and you. This sometimes mean I will say things that we dont agree on, but that is okay. From disagreement and debating about them, aka talking, we can learn where the other side is coming from. To me this also goes with my stance on free speech, I will always support your right to make fool out of one-self.

Wow I am really starting to write a lot, and this is just the first post. I am only going to have 1 tier on this site for the time being. I dont want to be seen as a money grab., though I do think this is the point of such sites... Back to the message... I want you to feel like you are helping me grow online and becoming a better person that offers content you enjoy.

I would like to get to a point where I only make my living off of my content that I share online. I am no where near that or even close to the level of content I want to show. Like the saying goes, you have to start some where. So with your help will go towards that.

All of my content, well most of it, is being done from Linux. All of recent videos have been edited on or record from Fedora. When I started out I was on Linux Mint and a few of my first videos was from Windows Movie Maker. I will say that while Linux Mint a nice I have found better results from Fedora. Unless something changes this will be a Linux channel. So there are a few videos where I go over issues I have ran into. I have started doing lathe videos that I need to get back into, those are recorded from my phone. I am looking into a camera solution but have not really found one. Bulk of my content is games that I play on Linux via steam.

Well now it seems like I am just rambling so cheers. Hope you took the time to read and once again thanks for even visiting.