Wicked Games 

"I left my girl back home
I don't love her no more
And she'll never fucking know that
These fucking eyes that I'm staring at"

Goodness, where do I start? So I've had this idea rattling around my head for a little bit now. Fun fact! This is my first time drawing a human.

Why am I doing this? Well, one reason is that these interactions would be rather entertaining considering it's a "bastard x bastard" kind of relationship. Spy x Spy, Tom & Jerry, you get what I mean. Another reason is that I'd like to get some practice on something a bit fun before I delve into my magnum opus story, which will last for a long time. So before I set sail on a pretty bleak story, I wanna have some fun. I also want to explore the tug of war that's gonna go down.

I had zero knowledge of OK KO up until very recently. Upon seeing Laserblast/Venomous I got to wondering about how he and Ren would behave in a room together, considering the similar demeanors. It started off as a joke and then I messed around, liked the result. I don't see why he wouldn't hang with her type of person.

This whole shebang takes place in the 6-8 month time gap after the lab was destroyed.

The concept is Laserblast receives a little 'help' hiding out after his secret lab blew up. Not only is he being searched for, he does not want to be found. Especially not after.. that. Ren, or 'Feral Child' was patrolling her territories and bumps into him, in an alleyway. Under duress, Laserblast accepts help from this strange girl so he can lay low while police outside survey the scene. She patches him up and they share a drink. Delving into each other's past. He finds it strange that she's not in any of the current databases on heroes/villains. They hang out until morning.

I will announce when the first chapter is released on Patreon, Subscribestar, ETC. I'm planning on releasing three large chapters. First one focuses on meeting Laserblast and getting to know him. Second deals with Professor Venomous. Third is with Shadowy. I think it's gonna be a wild time. So for now I will leave y'all with a taste of my sycophantic girlish mind even though I'm 20 something.

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PS: Dude hit me like a 18 wheeler. I turned my head so hard my neck almost broke ohmygosh okay bye