The TRUTH About The CORONAVIRUS They Hope You’ll NEVER SEE!!!

The recent outbreak of the coronavirus in Wuhan China as of the making of this video has 653 confirmed people to have come into contact with the virus with 18 people dead but where did this new mutation come from? Some researchers are suggesting that the virus was transferred to humans via bats and/or snakes while the World Health Organization is scrambling to find answers. A good place to look might be the National Bio-safety Laboratory in Wuhan where the spread began which just so happens to be the location for the first lab on the Chinese mainland equipped for the highest level of biocontainment! In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth looks at the possible sources of this virus and the fact that a lab in Wuhan was working on studying the pathogen that causes SARS aka the coronavirus in the lead up to this recent outbreak while also analyzing Bill Gates prophesy of doom from 2 years ago where he predicting that a virus could soon take out up to 30 million people.