Bearberry is a low growing shrub that sprouts a pinkish white flower that will eventually form a small red berry.  The berries are quite edible and have been utilized for centuries.   Humans, birds, bears and small animals enjoy this fruit almost year round as the berries can still be found in the winter, under the snow of course.  

Jams and jellies can be processed from the ripe red fruit.  the inner seeds can be roasted to break up the outer stone like shell and eaten as a snack on the go.  Kinnikinnick's leaves are usually dried  and used as a additive to many tobacco mixtures and smoked ceremoniously for generations, also makes great tea.   

This bunch of kinnikinnick was found at 8,000 ft and was growing in abundance.  make sure to pay attention to your surroundings when harvesting any bear berries because it is true to its name because it is sought after by bears.